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Unless you are an absolute idiot, you already know not to actually try any of this stuff at home. Baraka, JD and I are trained professionals: They are professional cats and I am a professional idiot. NONE of the following actually harmed Baraka or JD in any manor, but their bites and scratches did some work on me; I'll be filing a suit against them soon. If you have any questions or need more info, read the Kitty Care Tips FAQ.
This does not advocate ANY violence against cats or ANY animal. In fact, if I find out you are hurting ANY animal, I will FUCK YOU UP.

Kitty Care Tips:

Getting kitty to brush his teeth...

Giving kitty a bath...

Making kitty get a job

Getting kitty to take his medication

Kitty House Cleaning

Having Conversations with kitty

More kittty projects coming soon...

To hear Baraka's Theme Song again, just click the play button.

JD and Baraka highly recommend you check out "the kitty cat dance" over at g-shack.

For $8 trades and direct access to the Catdaq, try Amiritrade.
The only stock trading site run by a cat, Amiri Baraka!

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