Making kitty get a job

Cats are pretty damn lazy, Baraka just sort of lies around and eats occasionally. About the only thing he does do around here is bite me, and there's no money in that! Here's some tips for getting your kitty a job, so he can start contributing rather than always taking away....

Step One:
If kitty likes what he does, he'll do a better job at it. What does kitty like to do? Uh.....nevermind....
Alright, let's suggest some jobs to kitty. What could he be good at? Well, they're covered in fur and are pretty much static electricity super conductors, so I would bet that he's probably pretty good at computer repair! Let's give that a try!
Step Two:
Get kitty's paws into the work. Have an external hard drive or some other expensive piece or computer equipment that he could work on? Doesn't matter if it's not broken, this is just a test to see how good kitty's skills are....

Step Three:
Alright, so after he touched it, a small blue spark shot out of it and it stopped all he wants to do was chew on the case. Maybe it's not his thing, or maybe the HD was pretty tasty. You don't know, you've never chewed on it.....
Those claws are pretty sharp though, how about something utilizing them? Hmmmmmm, how about filing paperwork?

Step Four:
Try another cat. JD has always been on the cutting edge of the computer tech industry. Unbeknownst to most, he actually came up with the vastly superior software structure for Sega's "Blast Processing"! After some careful kitty studying, I have found that his specialty is Mouse Repair.

Step Five:
Ok, so kitty was more interested in biting the mouse as well as anything that touched it. Kitty didn't seem to really repair it either, he just sort of shot it across the desk then danced across the keyboard sending short bits of profanity to whoever you were talking to on AIM.