A Tribute to JD

JD, "The Meister" as most referred to him as, was a great friend and companion over the 13 years we were together. Meister and I got our first apt. together, a very meager all-bills-paid "closet" where pets weren't allowed. That didn't stop me from brining him though. He used to hang out on the porch, right across from our door and all the college chicks would stop and pet him, commenting on his frisky-good looks.

He went back to live with my mom a few years after that as I had moved into a few places where other cats already dwelled...and he was an only-cat, and didn't seem to do well with others. That's ok, my mom spoiled him to no end and he ended up becoming quite the pudgy puss(as you may notice in some of the pics). He was happy.

Just a while back I moved into a new place and had JD come live with me again. He seemed to like the new apt., and the constant harassment he was able to give me all the time. We'd watch DVDs on my new HDTV for hours on end. He never could seem to make it through a whole movie, but that didn't stop him from taking up a good half of the couch as he slept through countless hours of entertainment.

JD passed away on December 20th, 2006, due to issues with his liver, brought on by kidney disease. He held on for a good few months though after being diagnosed, he was always a strong cat. I don't know that I'll ever get over loosing him, it was such a painful day that I'll never forget. It came quickly though, he wasn't in any pain...don't we all wish we are so lucky when our time comes.

To you, my best-kitty-friend in the world, I dedicate this section of Whip Ass Gaming so not only may you always be remembered in my heart, but also in the hearts of those who come to see the site from time to time. I'm sure you're up in kitty-heaven, chasing mice through a field in the warm sun, and harassing God himself for a quick can of tuna every morning at 7am straight up. Try not to get into too much trouble, orange boy...

Exploring a new room...
JD breaks in a new room as he checks out to make sure the carpet is comfortable, then makes his way around the room only to find some dirty socks. Disgusted, he makes a break for the desk...but he's never much been one for desk work.

Fun with string and cat toys!
The Meister breaks out his toys and begins to get frisky. He always did love that gold string. I always wondered where he got those wonderful toys...

Angry with me for moving *his* mouse
JD wasn't real happy with me messing with the Apple Optical Mouse, he said it was a mouse and that *he'd* be the one to take care of it. He's a biter!

He always did enjoy "helping" us wrap presents...
Though I question how much help he was actually putting in, anytime there was something that needed to be wrapped you could bet he'd be involved.

Hanging out in the flower bed
(don't tell anyone, after all jungle cats shouldn't be caught in such flowery luxury).

Hanging out in the window
Behind the plants lies wild jungle puss! Every time I came cruising up to my mom's place(he was staying there for a time), I was always greeted with an orange face eagerly keeping an eye on everything that was going on outside the house.

"Helping" me make the bed
So I go to make the bed one night and he's just laying there. I put the sheets on(over him), pulled him, put the next layer and just let his orange butt stay there(he was quite content to do so). I made the entire bed and that lazy cat was in the exact same position you see him in the last pic!

The quality is pretty low, they were all taken from my Elph PowerShot S110 camera. You'll need the Divx codec to see any of the Meister's escapades in glorious moving pictures.