A Tribute to JD
Out and about...
There was nothing JD loved more than heading out into the wild kitty-unknown. He'd cruise the neighborhood, check out the kitty chicks then hit the deck and soak up some sun.

Laying about...
This is generally what you'd catch lazy puss doing most of the time. He'd wake up long enough for you to feed him, give him some pettings and then he'd fast be on the track to getting back to sleep, or heading out for the evening...and don't you bother waiting up! You'll notice in the last pic that he's got a shaved belly, a veterinarian specialist had to give him a quick shave as they were about to perform an ultrasound on him. He wasn't real thrilled with it...

The Tub and RoboRaptor
JD loved drinking water from the faucet in the tub, he said it was fresher. He'd dip his paw under the stream, then lick it off...or sometimes just position his head under the stream and just open his mouth. He never did much care for RoboRaptor...I don't know what that was all about.

Hanging at the house
When he wasn't out soaking up some rays, he's usually be playing around in the house. Always some kind of foolishness going on with the Meister. He's got some scary glowing eyes-thing going on in a few of the pics. Also, be sure to check out his expression when I told him the site had received 10,000 hits...he was quite the surprised puss. The final pic is of him jumping on the table to jack my glass of chocolate milk. Bad cat!

Checking out Oblivion's vast wilderness via the map
JD wasn't sure what this whole "Elder Scrolls" thing was about, so he wanted to go ahead and take a look over the game's map to see if it was going to be worth his kitty-time. As you can see by the last pic, he deemed it unworthy...and took a nap.

Enjoying a buddy's (overly)warm 360
Kitty just loved my buddy's 360, that thing kicked out so much heat that he could have just laid on it forever and been happy.

Helping out with the site(whether he wanted to or not)
JD added his kitty-opinion in reviews to over 90 games on the site. Sometimes he agreed with me, sometimes he didn't...but it was always interesting to hear a kitty's thoughts on videogames. The final pic in this series has to be one of my all-time favorites: Meister always did enjoy Unreal Tournament...