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Welcome to Dirt-Cheap PC Gaming. Here I have a collection of quick reviews for various PC games. Don't expect anything in-depth, these are just quick overviews of the games and how I feel they measure up. As I just recently got a PC, I've been catching up with so many games I've always wanted to try...and I'm just amazed at how damn cheap they are: Dirt-cheap! Hell, even new PC games aren't that expensive. With that in mind, I decided to go ahead and start up this section...

Here's a few things you should know before we start:

* Games are reviewed across a variety of PC's. Which computer a game was run under, and more specifics will be available in the game's review.

* Sound is coming out of SoundBlaster Audigy card, and a Creative SBS 330 2.1 speaker setup.

* Screenshots are taken from the games directly, and are then resized, etc. This will, often times, mess with the quality, so keep that in mind.

* For certain games, I use a controller. Being an old school console gamer, I find it more comfortable than a keyboard/mouse combination on some games. For this reason, I will make notes on the ease and process of configuring it to specific sets in the games.

* When using a mouse, I use the Microsoft Intellimouse Optical(5 buttons).

* I own all games that are reviewed.

* I score on a 100 point basis. 100 being perfect(or damn close to it), 0, of course, being the worst.

* The secondary opinions of the various characters do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whip Ass Gaming. In fact, I don't know what they represent...

Let's roll...

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