'ello and welcome to my Tribute to the Women of Videogaming. About 5 years in the making, this has been a monster of a project. Finally finished, photographed and labeled it is now ready to be seen by all.
For those of you interested in learning more, or have questions regarding the piece, please visit the Tribute FAQ. If questions still remain, by all means, email me.
Curious as to how it all came together? View the entire process in the Making of Tribute section. Here you can retrace all of the work put into making this monster.
Alright, you ready to get started?

Let's roll...

People I'd like to thank. Without their help, half of the damn characters on the canvas would remain nameless:
Autumn the Cuzzy
Charles Doane
David Oldridge
Eater of Tofu
Henry LaPierre
John Hawley

Jon Allegrezza
Jordan Lund
Max Lords
Nick Zitzmann
Nils Tanner
Raymond McKeithen II
Scott H
Sean Connery
Sweet Zombie Jesus
Tim Miller

If I have forgotten anyone, please accept my apology and email me immediately so I can give you the credit and thanks you deserve!!!

I would *not* like to thank:

Bad Cat!!!