The Making of Tribute...
Initially started around four years ago(or so), I began cutting out pictures here and there from videogame magazines and such. Don't really remember what I thought I was going to do with them at first, but about a year later I got the idea for a collage. After that, I kept cutting, here and there when I was bored, or got a chance. After four years, I have finally carved up every picture I had in my stack; now it's time to finally do something with it. Here's how it went...
September 17, 2002: Day 1

Baraka apologizes about the amount of cat butt in this picture...
I barely get the paint out of the bag when Baraka goes running over to sniff it. As you can see, he has passed out from the extreme high kitties must get off of un-opened paint.
Well, first off I had to buy supplies; foolishly I went to the local Hobby Lobby. No staff, extremely high prices and the fact that they kept the acrylic paint behind glass(which leads me to believe that, after guns, acrylic is just the shit to get if you're an artist)got me right out of there and over the Michaels.
Alright, back from Michaels with a canvas, some acrylic paint(apparently, over at Michaels they keep JUST the guns behind glass), some brushes and a can of spray adhesive.
Here's the initial mock-up for the collage. I basically took all of the pics that had been cut out from the side or bottom of a page, leaving arms or legs missing, etc. and used them to make out the frame(of sorts).
As you can see, I have a SHITLOAD of pics left to try to fit on there...

Click on pic for the vertical view.
Here's a side view, showing the box that has even MORE pics in it. One canvas is not going to hold all of these together...dammit, back to Michaels...
Alright, thanks to Michaels' 50% off one item sale, I was able to pick up another canvas, dirt cheap.
Alright, finally getting to where I should have started in the first place. As you can see, I have made a frame(of sorts) with various pics.
There are still shitloads of pictures laying around the canvases and the box still has a huge amount in it. The collage is going to be VERY full.

"I love being a bad cat!!!"
"Um Bel, I was with you up until this point..."
As I go to clean things up, Baraka thinks it would be a great help to me to lay on the pictures and then begin to chew on them. That's four years of work! Bad cat!!!
I know, I know, what the hell am I doing!? Trust me, I've gotten us this far haven't I? The pics can't cover every section of the canvas, no matter how hard I try so I thought that a nice shade of blue would be a bit better than the blinding white the canvas originally was.
September 18, 2002: Day 2

Baraka is ready to help...
Bolted and sturdy!
Alright, time to get started on joining the canvases. Foreman Baraka is ready to instruct me on the proper way to handle this.
Six metal straps bolted in...looks good to me!

Click on pic for the vertical view.
The dimensions now are around 6 feet tall by about 4 feet wide. When I am done, you won't be able to see the space between the canvases, don't worry.
After a hard day of fucking up this project, Baraka takes a well deserved nap...
Days 3 and 4...