Tribute FAQ:

Q: The photography is piss-poor, did you, by any chance, hire an ape to take these shots?
A: I wish! I couldn't afford to have an ape come out to photograph the canvas, so I had to do it myself. Using my Cannon Elph PowerShot S100 I dragged the canvas out to the back porch and shot it under the extremely hot, shitty Texas sun. I am not particularly pleased with how it all came out, and someday I hope to be able to find someone to professionally photograph it...

Q: Enough pics of Lara Croft!? What the hell?
A: Yeah, I know it. Thing is, when you're looking for pics of chicks from videogames...who do you think is going to come up, at least, 80% of the time? That's right, Miss Croft.

Q: Are you going to be selling it, now that you're done?
A: Believe it or not, I've had a few offers...but have turned them all down. I am not selling the Tribute.

Q: Where did you come up with all these pics?
A: Various sources. Mostly gaming magazines, strategy guides and posters.

Q: The king, Duke Nukem, what's he doing in there!?
A: I felt he was the only man in videogaming who could adequately handle *that* many women.

Q: You've got the name of a character wrong and/or the name of the game series she is in wrong.
A: It'll happen, no doubt. If you come across any mistakes, please email me and I'll correct them immediately.

Q: You have "X" character listed as being in "X" game , part 1 but she's actually only in part 2.
A: As it would have been difficult to name the exact game some characters, based on their art style, were in, I chose to just go with naming the series(as a whole) they are associated with.

Q: Dr. Aki, Stevie Case....wait a sec, these women aren't in ANY videogame!
A: Indeed...there are a few in there that are not actually in any particular videogame. For those characters, I sort of stretched their associations a bit. A good example would be the Devil Hunter girls. Though Yohko actually had a game on the Mega Drive, none of the other hunters were in it....but just by being associated with her, I let it slide. It doesn't happen too often in the Tribute, but, like I said, there are a few...

Q: Why are some of the character's names in white?
A: It just showed up a clearer on certain characters, with darker clothing and such.

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