Getting Kitty to take his medication

Kitties get colds too, and if they get bad enough kitty has to go to Mr. Vet and receive medication to help him get over his cold. Now, kitties don't much care for medicine...anymore what we do...and they have claws and teeth...and are willing to use them....

Step One:
Make a plan! A man without a plan, is a man whose kitty is not taking medicine!

Click the pic above for a larger view

Step Two:
Ok, time to set up your tripwire! Uh...I didn't have any string...that kitty wasn't already chewing on, so I used a Sega Saturn controller. It's about 3 or 4 inches off the ground.

Step Three:
Ok, set out a plate with some soft food, with medicine mixed in on it. Alright, trap is we go!!! Clang the plate with the spoon, this will get kitty's attention. He should come tearing ass in here and trip on the wire. Can't wait!!!

Step Four:
Um....kitty just sort of stopped at the wire, looked at me and walked over it.

Step Five:
Man, yet another plan foiled by kitty! How does he keep doing it? What is he staring at!? Yeesh, those teeth are a bit longer than I remember...