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I have tried to correctly label each and every musical piece to the best of my ability, as well as correctly list each composer of the pieces; if you happen to see *any* errors, or know any of the info I am missing, please email me! Also, if you have any questions please read the FAQ for this section and then, by all means, email me.
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Composer/Artist: Gustaf Grefberg
Composer/Artist: Naohisa Morota, Shinichi Seya
Composer/Artist: Nobuyuki Kun, Sodaka San
Composer/Artist: Hiroyuki Togo
Platform: PC
Platform: Turbo Grafx-16
Platform: Nintendo
Platform: Turbo Grafx-16 CD
Music Contained: Code Red(Action trk), Critters(Action trk), Prison Break(Action trk)
Music Contained: ???
Music Contained: Title, Intro, Cinema, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Boss
Music Contained: Double Dragon, Mission 1, Mission 2, Boss, Mission 5, Mission 6, Mission 8, Mission 9
Time: 7:12
Size: 10.2 megs
Time: 3:03
Size: 4.4 megs
Time: 10:15
Size: 7.4 megs
Time: 22:24
Size: 31.2 megs
The full soundtrack can be downloaded, for free, on Vivendi's official site here.
A very cool remake of a track from the NES version's(Level 1) soundtrack.
Some of the best music on the NES I've ever heard.
A completely new, and odd, redbook soundtrack. The only resemblance it has to the original would be in the DD theme. Still great stuff though.
Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
Sega Tunes: Vectorman
Doom 3
The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
Composer/Artist: Kukeiha Club
Composer/Artist: Jon Holland
Composer/Artist: Chris Vrenna/Tweaker
Composer/Artist: Koji Kondo
Platform: Turbo Grafx-16 CD
Platform: Enhanced Sega Genesis Audio
Platform: PC
Platform: Nintendo 64
Music Contained: Intro, Bloodlines, Vampire Killer, Cross a Fear, Bloody Tears, Cemetery, Beginning, op.13, Picture of the Ghost Ship, Illusionary Dance
Music Contained: Vectorman Theme, Options, F.Y.I., Fortified, Minus 32, Nocturnicular, Screen Test, Introinfo, Oshin Thing, Downward Motion
Music Contained: Doom 3 Theme
Music Contained: Title Theme, Deku Tree, Fairy Flying, House, Kokiri Forest, Inside The Deku Tree, Market, Kakariko Village, Lost Woods, Zora's Domain, Great Fairy's Fountain, Windmill Hut, Gerudo Vally
Time: 22:53
Size: 31.7 megs
Time: 31:47
Size: 43.9 megs
Time: 2:47
Size: 4.1 megs
Time: 25:41
Size: 35.5 megs
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Fucking cool remake of the already awesome Vectorman soundtrack.
Everytime I hear this I think about blowing another Revenant's head off.
Isn't it funny how the SNES's soundchip was better than the N64's?
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill
Original Sound of Double Dragon
Contra III: The Alien Wars
Battle Arena Toshinden 2
Composer/Artist: Jeff Mac
Composer/Artist: Kazunaka Yamane
Composer/Artist: M. Yanagisawa, M. Adachi, & T. Iwase, Miki Yanagisawa, Masanori Adachi, Tappy Iwase
Composer/Artist: Tamsoft
Platform: Sony Playstation
Platform: Enhanced Arcade Audio
Platform: Super Nintendo
Platform: Sony Playstation
Music Contained: Present, Wild West, Medieval, Ancient Rome
Music Contained: Double Dragon(Opening Theme), Arrival of the Black Warriors(City Slum), Riot(Industrial Area), Woods, Old Nemesis Willy(Enemy's Headquarter's), The Journey Continues(Intermission), The Battle is Over(Mission Complete), Reunion with Marian(Ending Theme)
Music Contained: It's Time for Revenge(1st BGM), Pattern Clear(Pattern Clear BGM)
Music Contained: Eiji, Kayin, Sofia Take 1, Sofia Take 2, Rungo, Fo Fai, Mondo, Duke, Ellis, Gaia, Tracy, Chaos, Uranus, Ending
Time: 8:05
Size: 11.5 megs
Time: 16:27
Size: 23.1 megs
Time: 2:44
Size: 4 megs
Time: 44:43
Size: 61.8 megs
Wildly ambient soundtrack, not what you'd expect from Duke...but it works.
Interesting, and very SNES-like, take on the original arcade version's soundtrack.
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Hard rockin', high energy, and though I don't think some of the pieces are as good as the Saturn version's(URA) remixes, these original pieces are excellent!
Super Mario Kart
Unreal Gold
Sonic Xtreme
Composer/Artist: Soyo Oka, Taro Bando
Composer/Artist: Al Chaney, Will Loconto, Will Nevins, Stan Nuevo, Robert Owens
Composer/Artist: Alexander Brandon, Andrew Sega, Michiel van den Bos, Dan Gardopée
Composer/Artist: Christian G. Senn
Platform: Super Nintendo
Platform: PC
Platform: PC
Platform: PC
Music Contained: Super Mario Kart, Menu, Begin Race, Mario Circuit, Donut Plains, Ghost House, Battle Mode
Music Contained: Grandeur, Haunted And Terrifying, Myth Epoch, Plague Times
Music Contained: All Hallows Sunset, Bluff Eversmoking, Bounds of Foundry, Dusk Horizon, Escape from Na Pali, Extreme End, Flightcastle, Foundry, Gala Peak, Guardian, Hargate, Isotoxin nexros, Nagomi Passage(day), Nightvision, Shared Dig, Twilight Horizon, Unreal no 13, Watcheroftheskies
Music Contained: Egyptian Boss, Space Queen's Promo
Time: 6:32
Size: 9.2 megs
Time: 16:04
Size: 22.4 megs
Time: 1:09:08
Size: 95.1 megs
Time: 3:48
Size: 5.5 megs
Really great, signature SNES soundtrack.
Some really good stuff that I forgot to add the first time around.
Like Unreal Tournament, virtually every track is excellent...so I added almost all of them.
Man I love that Space Queen's Promo piece!
Nazomakaimura: Incredible Toons
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
Composer/Artist: Capcom
Composer/Artist: Dean Evans
Composer/Artist: Hidehiko Enomoto
Composer/Artist: Harry Gregson-Williams
Platform: Sega Saturn
Platform: Super Nintendo
Platform: Sega Saturn
Platform: Xbox
Music Contained: The Hill of Torture, The Village of Decay and Destruction, Baron Rankle's Tower, The Village of Decay and Destruction(remix), ???, ???
Music Contained: Map, Mission Theme 1, Shop, Mission Theme 2
Music Contained: Select, Lucifer, Schneider, Boy, Shadow Boy, Karen, Sanjuroh, Kohjin, Sabrina, Saotome, Merow, Seiya, Venus, Izanagi, Eiji, Extra-1, Extra-2, Extra-3, Continue, Ending
Music Contained: Metal Gear Solid(Main Theme)
Time: 16:33
Size: 23 megs
Time: 11:31
Size: 16 megs
Time: 22:45
Size: 31.6 megs
Time: 3:52
Size: 5.6 megs
Not sure about the game, but man the redone Ghouls'n Ghosts stuff kicks ass!
Really mellow beats. I dig it.
Another rockin' soundtrack from Takara.
Powerful piece...too bad Konami fucked us on the actual game...