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I have tried to correctly label each and every musical piece to the best of my ability, as well as correctly list each composer of the pieces; if you happen to see *any* errors, or know any of the info I am missing, please email me! Also, if you have any questions please read the FAQ for this section and then, by all means, email me.
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
Unreal Championship
Composer/Artist: Jeremy Soule
Composer/Artist: Jeremy Soule
Composer/Artist: Tate Norio, Masahiko Hataya, Yasumasa Yamada
Composer/Artist: Starsky Partridge, Kevin Riepl
Platform: PC
Platform: PC
Platform: Xbox
Platform: Xbox
Music Contained: Main Title Music
Music Contained: Main Title Music
Music Contained: Ruined Town Abandoned Factory Stage
Music Contained: Chemical Burn, Level 01, Level 02, Level 05, Level 06, Level 11, Level 12
Time: 1:50
Size: 3 megs
Time: 1:54
Size: 3 megs
Time: 3:26
Size: 4.9 megs
Time: 35:09
Size: 48.6 megs
Updated version of the Morrowind title music, booming with the ominous mood of the game.
The original piece, and quite a bit more tranquil than the Oblivion version...but excellent nonetheless.
In the tidal wave of generic pieces produced here, this is about the only one worth a fuck. Pretty good too.
Though it doesn't quite get me the way UT's soundtrack does, it's still damn good.
Killer Instinct: Killer Cuts
Sonic The Hedgehog Boom
Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
Composer/Artist: Robin Beanland, Greame Norgate
Composer/Artist: Spencer Nilsen
Composer/Artist: Neil Baldwin, Steve Duckworth
Composer/Artist: Hiroki Kikuta, Maurice Durufle
Platform: Enhanced Arcade Audio
Platform: Enhanced Sega Genesis Audio
Platform: PC
Platform: PSX
Music Contained: K.I. Feeling, The Way U Move, Controlling Transmission, Oh Yeah, Do It Now!, Full-Bore, The Instinct, Yo Check This Out!, Freeze, Trailblazer, Tooth & Claw, Ya Ha Haa, Rumble, Humiliation
Music Contained: Spinball Theme, Flight To Volcanic Fortress, Toxic Cave, Lava Powerhouse
Music Contained: Intro, World Warrior Theme, Ryu, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun Li, Zangief, Dhalsim, M. Bison, Sagat, Balrog, Vega, Cammy, T.Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay, Options/Character Select, Battle Intro, Battle Over
Music Contained: Waterfall, Incantation Again, Patience, Kiss Twice, Live Incantation
Time: 41:49
Size: 57.8 megs
Time: 13:00
Size: 18.1 megs
Time: 35:18
Size: 48.9 megs
Time: 30:24
Size: 42 megs
A really kickin' collection! Remember, she's a killer...
More quality from Spencer Nilsen; this time he has redone pieces from the Sonic Spinball soundtrack.
Though the fight-midpoint music can be a bit too liberal, this completely redone soundtrack is still awesome.
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Sega Power Cuts 1 Sampler
Sega Power Cuts 1 Sampler
Sonic The Hedgehog Boom
Columns Arcade Collection
Composer/Artist: Spencer Nilsen, Gary Cirimelli
Composer/Artist: Brian Coburn
Composer/Artist: Spencer Nilsen, Pastiche
Composer/Artist: ???
Platform: Enhanced Sega CD Audio
Platform: Sega Saturn
Platform: Sega CD
Platform: Sega Saturn
Music Contained: St. Gabriel's Mask/Vocal Remix
Music Contained: Burn
Music Contained: Sonic Boom - Opening Theme, Stardust Speedway - Bad Future, Quartz Quadrant, Stardust - Present, Tempest - Good Future, Quartz - Future, Speedway To Good Future, Special Stage, Workbench - Bad Future, Workbench Workout
Music Contained: Clotho, ???
Time: 4:32
Size: 6.5 megs
Time: 3:44
Size: 5.4 megs
Time: 40:39
Size: 56.1 megs
Time: 5:32
Size: 7.9 megs
An alternate version of St. Gabriel's Mask with vocals, from Ecco: ToT. Very hip!
A very industrial piece from Ghen War, I dig it.
Some excellent pieces from Mr. Nilsen's amazing work on the Sonic CD soundtrack.
A nicely updated version of Clotho and a mystery piece that, I swear, sounds like something straight out of that game "Deja Vu".
Quake II
Tommy Tallarico: Virgin Games Greatest Hits/Volume One
Tommy Tallarico: Virgin Games Greatest Hits/Volume One
Mortal Kombat Musik: MK3 & MK4 Arcade Video Game Soundtrack
Composer/Artist: Sonic Mayhem
Composer/Artist: Tommy Tallarico
Composer/Artist: Tommy Tallarico
Composer/Artist: Dan Forden
Platform: Mac
Platform: Enhanced Sega Genesis Audio
Platform: Enhanced Sega Genesis Audio
Platform: Arcade
Music Contained: Operation Overlord, The Underworld, Quad Machine, Big Gun, Descent Into Cerberon
Music Contained: Rivit Fanfare, Victory, Flight
Music Contained: McRock, Bonus Level
Music Contained: The Tomb, Snake, Elder God, Goro's Lair, The Well, Prison, The Woods, Eldest Gods, The Screw
Time: 15:29
Size: 21.6 megs
Time: 10:25
Size: 14.6 megs
Time: 6:57
Size: 9.9 megs
Time: 19:32
Size: 27.1 megs
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Original pieces from Robocop vs Terminator. Interestingly enough, some of the text labeling mentions "RvsT CD", as if there may have been plans for this to show up on the SCD! Would have been nice...
The awesome, original version of the track from Global Gladiators(McRock) and the shared Bonus Level music from it and Cool Spot. Tommy, you rock!
More amazing work from Dan Forden, including two tracks that were produced but never put into the actual game!
Sengoku Densho
Mortal Kombat II: Music From The Arcade Soundtrack
Mortal Kombat II: Music From The Arcade Soundtrack
Composer/Artist: Tate Norio, Shimizum
Composer/Artist: Dan Forden
Composer/Artist: John Williams, Leslie Bricusse, Tetsuya Furumoto, Katsunori Ujiie
Composer/Artist: Dan Forden
Platform: Sega CD
Platform: Arcade
Platform: Sega CD
Platform: Arcade
Music Contained: Introduction, Ascension, Wild Beat, Mugen Noh 1, War Drum, Mugen Noh 2, Shinki, Right Hand and Clutches, Mandala, Hitoyogiri, Prajna, Mundanity, Present World, Ketsubon, Desolation
Music Contained: In The Beginning..., The Courtyard, The Temple Gate, The Cavern, The Bridge, Goro and the Emperor, Victory, SCRLAHTS
Music Contained: Stage 1: The Lost Boys, Stage 10: Hook's Ship, Level Finish
Music Contained: Prologue: The Battlefield, The Dead Pool, The Screaming Forest, The Armory, The Portal, Air Kombat, WDYLMA, Epilogue: Shao Kahn's Last Stand
Time: 15:39
Size: 21.8 megs
Time: 11:18
Size: 15.7 megs
Time: 8:14
Size: 11.8 megs
Time: 15:41
Size: 21.8 megs
Neo Geo music....redbooked on a Sega CD game. Yummy!
Straight from Dan's Yamaha keyboard to you. Every piece from MK1's soundtrack is just all-out excellent, and timeless.
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A very foreboding set of pieces that really sets the mood and adds a lot to the fantasy atmosphere of MK2.
Samurai Shodown
Composer/Artist: Tate Norio, Papaya
Platform: Sega CD
Music Contained: Stillness and Motion -short ver-(30sec title), 12 Warriors, Whereabouts(map screen), Masaru Battle(win demo), Another Play Request(continue), Purification(bonus), Devil(Shiranui Gen'an), Tuna(Galford), The Man Time(Haohmaru), The Man Time - month(Tachibana Ukyou), A Foreign Girl(Charlotte), Foreigner(Tam Tam), Banquet of Nature(Nakururu), The Tiger King(Wan Fu), Comma-shaped Jewels(Senryou Kyoushirou), Girl of Revolution(Charlotte ending), Play a Music at the Feast(staffroll)
Time: 29:11
Size: 40.5 megs
Even more Neo Geo music redbooked on a Sega CD game. Double yummy!