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I have tried to correctly label each and every musical piece to the best of my ability, as well as correctly list each composer of the pieces; if you happen to see *any* errors, or know any of the info I am missing, please email me! Also, if you have any questions please read the FAQ for this section and then, by all means, email me.
Mario Kart 64
Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing
Composer/Artist: CoLD SToRAGE, Rob Lord, Mark Bandola
Composer/Artist: Kenta Nagata
Composer/Artist: Takahiro Nishi, Junya Nakano
Composer/Artist: Doug Brandon
Platform: Sony Playstation/Sega Saturn
Platform: Nintendo 64
Platform: Xbox 360
Platform: Nintendo 64
Music Contained: WipeOut Intro, Cairodrome, Cardinal Dancer, Cold Comfort, Doh-T, Messij, Operatique, Tentative, Transvaal, Philes, Brickbat, Planet 9, Poison
Music Contained: Mario Kart 64 Theme, Setup and Kart Select, Starting Race 1, 3 Raceways/Wario Stadium, Moo Moo Farm/Yoshi Valley, Koopa Troopa Beach, Kalimari Desert, Finish Line, Winning Results, Starting Race 2, Toad's Turnpike, Frappe Snowland/Sherbet Land, Choco Mountain/Battle Arenas, Finish Line(Lost), Losing Results, DK's Jungle Park, Rainbow Road, Finish Line 2, Trophy Presentation
Music Contained: Tactics Briefing-B, WELCOME TO THE SYLPHEED OPERATION SYSTEM, Massive Battle #0015
Music Contained: Mode Select, Attract Mode, Pulp Country, Zethno, STL, Night Hunt, Blind Chase, Desert Walk, Finish, Who It Is, Rave Rush, Blue Fog, Out of Time, What's Yo Name, Circuit Finish
Time: 1:02:53
Size: 86.7 megs
Time: 28:14
Size: 39 megs
Time: 7:24
Size: 10.5 megs
Time: 24:24
Size: 33.7 megs
Brings back so many memories...
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Reminds me so much of the PSO soundtrack. I could listen to that first track for hours on end...
I am undecided on which version of the soundtrack I like more, this one or the arcade original...
Super Puzzle Fighter II X
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Rambo III
Heavy Barrel
Composer/Artist: Tatsuro Zuzuki, Isao Abe, Yuko Kadota, Syun Nishigaki
Composer/Artist: XOR
Composer/Artist: ???
Composer/Artist: Azusa Hara(AZUSA), Hiroaki Yoshida
Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Platform: Sega Master System
Platform: Sega Genesis
Platform: Arcade
Music Contained: Capcom Logo, Introduction Movie(Remix), Character Selection, Felicia, Hsein-Ko, Ken, Morrigan, Ryu, Intermission, Sakura(Original and Remix), Chun-Li, Dan, Donovan, Akuma, I Want You to Know(Instrumental), Game Over
Music Contained: Intro, Level Start, Level 1, Level 2, Level Complete, Boss, Death
Music Contained: Opening, Intro, Mission Start, Mission 1, Mission 2, Mission 3, Mission 4, Boss
Music Contained: Heavy Barrel Theme(Field BGM), Wipeout the enemy base(Base BGM), Impact(Boss BGM)
Time: 24:52
Size: 34.6 megs
Time: 4:27
Size: 6.5 megs
Time: 12:08
Size: 17 megs
Time: 6:19
Size: 9 megs
A wonderfully playful take on some already-wonderful tunes!
Remixes of music from Shinobi, with an Alex-twist!
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Rez HD
Code of Princess
Tomb Raider
Donkey Kong 64
Composer/Artist: Keiichi Sugiyama
Composer/Artist: ACE
Composer/Artist: Nathan McCree
Composer/Artist: Grant Kirkhope
Platform: Xbox 360
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Platform: PC
Platform: Nintendo 64
Music Contained: Buggie Running Beeps 01
Music Contained: Shooting Star Tsukikage(Tsukikage's Theme), There's Nothing I Can't Steal(Ali's Theme)
Music Contained: Main Theme
Music Contained: Aztec
Time: 5:50
Size: 8.3 megs
Time: 7:36
Size: 10.7 megs
Time: 3:12
Size: 4.6 megs
Time: 4:39
Size: 6.7 megs
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Double Dragon Neon
Perfect Dark
Castlevania: Bloodlines
Composer/Artist: Jake Kaufman
Composer/Artist: Yuzo Koshiro
Composer/Artist: Grant Kirkhope, David Clynick, Graeme Norgate
Composer/Artist: Michiru Yamane
Platform: Xbox 360
Platform: Super Nintendo
Platform: Xbox 360
Platform: Sega Genesis
Music Contained: Title Theme, Mission Bumper, City Streets 1(Double Dragon 1 - Mission 1), City Streets 2(Mango Tango - Neon Jungle), Mission Complete, Level Select, Space Dojo 1(Double Dragon 1 - Mission 2), Lab 1(Double Dragon 2 - Mission 1), Lab 2
Music Contained: Opening, Tenkujo(Sky Palace), Korin(Descent), Filmoa, Maju Arawaru(The Beast Appears), Round Clear, Blood Pool - Casandora, Aitos - Temple, Kyoteki(Formidable Foe), Pyramid - Marana, North Wall, Sekaiju(World Tree, Yggdrasil), Satan, Seijyaku(Silence), Hitobito No Tanjyo(Birth of the People), Sasagemono(Offering), Heiwa Na Sekai(Peaceful World), Ending.
Music Contained: Main Title, Institute Menu, Enter The Dark, dataDyne Central: Defection, dataDyne Central: Investigation, dataDyne Central: Extraction, Mission Complete, Carrington Villa: Hostage One, Chicago: Stealth, G5 Building: Reconnaissance, Area 51: Infiltration, Area 51: Rescue, Area 51: Escape, Mission Fail, Air Base: Espionage, Air Force One: Antiterrorism, Crash Site: Confrontation, Pause Menu, Pelagic 2: Exploration, Deep Sea: Nullify Threat, dataDyne Action, Attack Ship: Covert Assault, Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine, Skedar Leader, Carrington Institute, Training, Combat Simulator Menu, Combat Simulator Complete, CI Operative, Alien Conflict, Skedar Mystery, Maian Tears, Dark Combat, Gotcha!, Combat Simulator Fail, End Credits.
Music contained: The Beating in the Darkness(Title BGM), A Vision of Dark Secrets(Opening BGM), Bonds of Brave Men(Player Select BGM), Arduous Journey(Map BGM), Reincarnated Soul(Stage 1 BGM), The Sinking Old Sanctuary(Stage 2 BGM), The Discolored Wall(Stage 3 BGM), Iron-Blue Intention(Stage 4 BGM), The Prayer of a Tragic Queen(Stage 5 BGM), Calling from Heaven(Stage 6 BGM), Stage Clear with the Red Crystal(Stage Clear BGM), Beginning(Item BGM1), Bloody Tears(Item BGM2), Vampire Killer(Item BGM3), Theme of Simon(Before Dracula Battle BGM), Mysterious Curse(Password BGM), Nothing to Lose(Before First Level Boss BGM), Messenger from Devil(Mid-Boss BGM), The 6 Servants of the Devil(Normal Boss BGM), The Vampire's Stomach(Dracula Battle BGM), Together Forever(Ending Demo BGM), Requiem for the Nameless Victims(Staff Roll BGM), After the Good Fight(Game Over BGM).
Time: 23:02
Size: 31.9 megs
Time: 24:03
Size: 33.2 megs
Time: 2:14:18
Size: 184.7 megs
Time: 32:10
Size: 44.7 megs
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