Sound{e}scapes FAQ:

Q: Why do you have some games listed twice?
A: What you've got to understand is that the first seven "tapes" of music were all originally on actual cassettes. I simply re-recorded the music, using updated methods(like wav dumps) via a PC, but kept everything the same. Back in the day I'd only record small bits of music, as cassettes only held around 60 to 120 minutes, so I couldn't get everything I had originally wanted. Going back and redoing everything has given me the opportunity to get the stuff I had originally wanted. A good example of this is Super Castlevania IV. It shows up on Tape 1, and there are only a few pieces recorded from it. Fast forward to Tape 11 and you'll see it again, but this time with all the pieces I had originally wanted. Basically, I was just trying to keep the first seven tapes exactly as they were, back on their original cassettes(for nostalgia's sake).

Q: Can you get the music from {insert whatever game here}?
A: I generally don't take requests, but you're more than welcome to send them in anyway. At times, I have been directed to a game via this method and have actually gone in and gotten music from it(Waterworld, on Tape 9, is a good example).

Q: Why these long medleys, why not do individual pieces?
A: Again, this has to do with the way I had originally recorded the pieces back on the cassettes.

Q: Is there any way to tell exactly which piece is playing in the MP3?
A: Sadly, no. The MP3 format doesn't have the ability to list the current piece playing. I have heard that AAC files can do it, and I would like to have that functionality, but I'm just not sure about converting everything to AAC. I'd like to stick with an established format like MP3.

Q: I listen to your music a lot, is there any way to actually save it or do I have to come to the site every time I want to hear something?
A: As you know, you can click on the files and listen to them via your browser's MP3-playing plugin, but you can also right click on the game's picture and select "Save As" to download the file to your HDD.

Q: What MP3 player do you recommend for your music?
A: Any MP3 playing software will work, but I recommend iTunes as it allows you to see the game's box art that I've included with every music file I create.

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