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I have tried to correctly label each and every musical piece to the best of my ability, as well as correctly list each composer of the pieces; if you happen to see *any* errors, or know any of the info I am missing, please email me! Also, if you have any questions please read the FAQ for this section and then, by all means, email me.
Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair
Microsoft Xbox
Art of Fighting
Bimini Run
Composer/Artist: Christopher Stone
Composer/Artist: Microsoft
Composer/Artist: Paciorek, Masahiko Hataya(Papaya), Yasumasa Yamada(Yamapyi), Yoshihiko Kitamura, Toshio Shimizu(SHIMIZM)
Composer/Artist: Greg LoPiccolo, Tim Ries
Platform: Xbox
Platform: Xbox
Platform: Neo Geo CD
Platform: Sega Genesis
Music Contained: ???
Music Contained: Xbox Intro
Music Contained: Art of Fight(Todo's Theme), Jack's Theme, Chinatown Arranged(Lee's Theme), King's Theme, Mickey's Theme, John's Theme, Mr. Big's Theme, Mr. Karate's Theme, Art of Fight(Tribal Mix), Character Select, Narration, Dialogue
Music Contained: Chapter 2: The Stealth
Time: 5:49
Size: 8.4 megs
Time: 0:10
Size: 329k
Time: 33:31
Size: 46.3 megs
Time: 2:47
Size: 4.2 megs
Fucking awesome piece of work! That mix of classical instruments and electric guitar is just masterful.
One time I forgot to lower the volume on the receiver and when I turned on the Xbox the intro almost blew both my balls off. I'll never do that again, let me tell you...
Hip, redone version of the Neo Geo cart original.
Though the instruments make it sound quite primitive(you've got to remember, this was a seriously early Genesis title) that chorus just gets me every time.
Virtua Fighter CG Portrait series Vol.1: Sarah Bryant
Virtual On: Cyber Troopers - Netlink Edition
Fighting Vipers
Taito Legends
Composer/Artist: Sega, Dan, Terra
Composer/Artist: Naoshi Kunisawa
Composer/Artist: David Leytze
Composer/Artist: Jill Stark - Purity
Platform: Sega Saturn
Platform: Sega Saturn
Platform: Sega Saturn
Platform: Xbox
Music Contained: Dancing Shadow(Karaoke version)
Music Contained: In the Blue Sky, She's Lost Control (S.L.C.), Everything Merges With the Night, Ruins, Earth Light
Music Contained: Training/Attract, PepsiMan, Armstone Town(Day), Big Factory, UFO Diner, Armstone Town(Night), Bay Side, Observation Deck, Top of the City
Music Contained: Neon, Neon Lite
Time: 4:03
Size: 5.8 megs
Time: 10:20
Size: 14.5 megs
Time: 19:56
Size: 27.7 megs
Time: 5:45
Size: 8.2 megs
Interesting remix of Sarah's theme from Virtua Fighter 2. The lyrical version was horrible, I've spared you of that agony here.
Doesn't Bal-Bas-Bow's BGM sound a lot like early Konami music on the SNES?
Hardcore, and just a bit on the generic side. Guitar work that'd make Raxel proud.
Some hip electronica to guide you through the many classics of Taito Legends.
Sega Tunes: X-Men 2 - Clone Wars
Sonic Adventure
Altered Beast
Duke Nukem - Music To Score By
Composer/Artist: Kurt Harland
Composer/Artist: F. Kumatani, Nikki Gregoroff
Composer/Artist: Team Shinobi
Composer/Artist: Megadeth
Platform: Enhanced Sega Genesis Audio
Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Platform: Arcade
Platform: Enhanced PC/Mac Audio
Music Contained: Marvel Comics, X-Men 2: The Clone Wars, Climbing The Temple, The Brood Queen & Her Claws, Factory Floor, As Fluid Rises In The Citadel, Avalon 3, BrainChild, Sentinel Core Escape
Music Contained: My Sweet Passion
Music Contained: Level 1 Theme, Theme of the Beast, Level 2 Theme, Title & Level 3 Theme, Boss Theme, Intermission, Game Over, Ending
Music Contained: Duke Nukem Theme
Time: 35:19
Size: 48.8 megs
Time: 5:21
Size: 7.5 megs
Time: 10:47
Size: 7.7 megs
Time: 3:54
Size: 5.7 megs
Quite and eclectic collection here. Stays along the same lines as the Genesis version, but without the character-specific sound enhancements.
Amy's theme from SA. Remember, she's not simple-minded...and she won't be a pearl(!?).
The original arcade soundtrack, in all of its amplified mono glory. Ah, the memories...
I could do without the signature Mustaine grunts, but past that this remake is fucking awesome!
Sega Dreamcast
Death Tank Zwei
Tommy Tallarico: Games Greatest Hits Vol.II
Composer/Artist: Sega
Composer/Artist: Lobotomy, Mad Cap
Composer/Artist: Tommy Tallarico
Composer/Artist: Naoto Yagishita, Masahiko Takaki
Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Platform: Sega Saturn
Platform: Sony Playstation
Platform: Arcade
Music Contained: Dreamcast Intro
Music Contained: Death Tank Theme
Music Contained: Launch, Options
Music Contained: Broken The Promises (Opening), Aggressive World (Scene 1), Scene Clear, Re-In-Carnation (Scene 2), The Devil Boss Carnival (Scene 3 Boss), Final Destroy (Scene 3 Round 6 Boss), Death, Bad Bible (Name Regist), The Man of Saga (Ending)
Time: 0:09
Size: 329k
Time: 0:14
Size: 525k
Time: 2:11
Size: 3.2 megs
Time: 10:21
Size: 14.6 megs
Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream(cast).
Give thanks to the Death Tank!
Ah, the good'ole PSX demo discs; always brings a smile to my face when I hear these two pieces.
Man, that "Aggressive World" piece is powerful!
The Rastan
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Twisted Metal
Composer/Artist: Zuntata, Mar.
Composer/Artist: Rare
Composer/Artist: ???
Composer/Artist: Chuck E. Myers, Tom Hopkins, Lance Lenhart
Platform: Enhanced Arcade Audio
Platform: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo GameBoy
Platform: Sony Playstation
Music Contained: Aggressive World, Re-in Carnation, The Devil Boss
Music Contained: Attic, Elm Street, Elm Street(Alternate), House/Elm St. High, House 2, Junk Yard
Music Contained: C-Type
Music Contained: Twisted Theme, Cyburb Slide
Time: 5:08
Size: 7.1 megs
Time: 14:15
Size: 19.9 megs
Time: 1:55
Size: 2.9 megs
Time: 6:00
Size: 8.5 megs
Zuntata tries their hand at three of the pieces from Rastan, and they end up doing an excellent job!
Some really hip, old school stuff from Rare. I love this game...
Brings back memories of that horrible, horrible two color screen doesn't it?
So very good...brings back so many memories...
Super Castlevania IV
Composer/Artist: Masanori Adachi, Sotaro Tojima
Platform: Super Nintendo
Music Contained: Beginning, Bloody Tears, Theme of Simon, Vampire Killer, Dracula's Domain Map, The Domain's Gate, In the Castle, Outer Ground, The Lake, The Waterfall, Stage Clear, Spinning Tale, The Cave, Dracula's Castle Map, Candles Room, Rotating Room, Swinging Chandeliers, The Haunted Hall, The Middle Castle, The Treasury, Clock Tower's Map, Three Fiends, Dracula's Tower Map, Dracula's Chamber, Enter your Name/Password, Game Over
Time: 31:32
Size: 44 megs
I told you back on Tape 1 that there were so many pieces I needed to go back and get...I finally did it.