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I have tried to correctly label each and every musical piece to the best of my ability, as well as correctly list each composer of the pieces; if you happen to see *any* errors, or know any of the info I am missing, please email me! Also, if you have any questions please read the FAQ for this section and then, by all means, email me.
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Double Dragon
Double Dragon
Composer/Artist: Bo, Tokuhiko Uwabo
Composer/Artist: Kazunaka Yamane
Composer/Artist: Kazunaka Yamane, Sound Images
Composer/Artist: Kiyomi Kataoka, Chiaki Iizuka, Reiko Uehara, Fumiko Suzuki, Osamu Sakai
Platform: Sega Genesis
Platform: Sega Genesis
Platform: Sega Genesis
Platform: Neo Geo CD
Music Contained: Quagmire, Clotho, Lathesis, Filfthy, Concilation
Music Contained: Title Screen, Mission 1 - At the Heliport, Big Boss, Mission 2 - Into the Turf, Mission 3 - Farm of Death, Mission 4 - Double Illusion
Music Contained: Double Dragon, Arrival of the Black Warriors(City Slum), Riot(Industrial Area), Woods, Old Nemesis Willy(Enemy's Headquarter's), Guardian
Music Contained: Double Dragon Theme(Jazz)
Time: 5:37
Size: 8.1 megs
Time: 6:57
Size: 10 megs
Time: 7:26
Size: 10.7 megs
Time: 3:40
Size: 5.4 megs
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The only redeeming feature of the game is the soundtrack(which is damn good).
Overly synthesized, but still a really cool rendition of the arcade original's soundtrack.
You wouldn't think a jazz rendition of the DD Theme would work...but it does.
Earnest Evans
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
Quake Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon
Composer/Artist: Motoi Sakuraba
Composer/Artist: Damjan Mravunac
Composer/Artist: Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor
Composer/Artist: Rob Patterson
Platform: Sega CD
Platform: PC
Platform: Mac
Platform: Mac
Music Contained: Intro, Peru, Mexico, Ending
Music Contained: Corridor of Death
Music Contained: The Hall of Souls, Parallel Dimensions
Music Contained: Music #1, #3, #4, #6
Time: 15:55
Size: 22.2 megs
Time: 2:25
Size: 3.7 megs
Time: 15:46
Size: 21.9 megs
Time: 12:42
Size: 17.7 megs
Incredible redbook version of the Genesis version's soundtrack. Bad-ass.
A really powerful piece that inspires. One of my all time favorite level tunes.
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Wild sort of techno-goth-metal guitar barrage. Good stuff.
Sony Playstation
Diablo II
Alien 3
Composer/Artist: Al Chaney, Will Loconto, Will Nevins, Stan Nuevo, Robert Owens
Composer/Artist: Sony
Composer/Artist: Matt Uelmen
Composer/Artist: Matt Furniss
Platform: PC
Platform: Sony Playstation
Platform: PC
Platform: Sega Genesis
Music Contained: Iced Passage I, Iced Passage II, Choice of Path
Music Contained: Playstation Intro
Music Contained: Rogue, Sisters, Wilderness
Music Contained: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Level Guardian, Level Complete, Game Over
Time: 4:20
Size: 6.3 megs
Time: 0:19
Size: 534k
Time: 12:43
Size: 17.8 megs
Time: 16:35
Size: 23 megs
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Remember the first time you ever heard this?
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The Operative: No One Lives Forever
Egypt III: The Fate of Ramses
Psychic World
The GG Shinobi
Composer/Artist: James Ackley, Brian Pamintuan, Cassano Thruston, Rich Ragsdale, Guy Whitmore, Eric Aho, Tobin Buttram, Nathan Grigg, Lori Goldston, Becky Kneubuhl
Composer/Artist: Olivier Louvel, Benoît De Mesmay
Composer/Artist: Izuho Takeuchi(Ippo)
Composer/Artist: Yuzo Koshiro
Platform: PC
Platform: PC
Platform: Game Gear
Platform: Game Gear
Music Contained: Goodman's Surprise, Santa's Workshop, Elevator of Love, Suisse Chalet, El Dorado
Music Contained: Main Theme/Interface, Fantastique, Sort2
Music Contained: Main Theme
Music Contained: ???
Time: 14:17
Size: 19.9 megs
Time: 6:44
Size: 9.7 megs
Time: 2:00
Size: 3 megs
Time: 9:01
Size: 12.8 megs
Groovy baby!
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You could knock me on the head with a mallet, remove my brain, play this and I could still tell you it's the theme from PW.
You begin to realize that your Game Gear's music chip can rock...hard, when listening to this excellent piece of work from Yuzo.
Rockman MegaWorld
Rockman MegaWorld
Rockman MegaWorld
Rockman MegaWorld
Composer/Artist: ???
Composer/Artist: ???
Composer/Artist: ???
Composer/Artist: ???
Platform: Sega Genesis
Platform: Sega Genesis
Platform: Sega Genesis
Platform: Sega Genesis
Music Contained: CutMan, BombMan, FireMan, ElecMan, Stage Select, Boss Fight
Music Contained: Opening & Title, BubbleMan, AirMan, QuickMan, HeatMan, WoodMan, MetalMan, FlashMan, CrashMan, Dr. Wily(Stage 1), Dr Wily(Stage 2), Stage Select, Boss Fight, Ending
Music Contained: SparkMan, SnakeMan, HardMan, TopMan, GeminiMan, MagnetMan
Music Contained: Rockman: Wily Tower various level music(???)
Time: 4:16
Size: 6.3 megs
Time: 16:08
Size: 22.6 megs
Time: 6:03
Size: 8.7 megs
Time: 4:16
Size: 6.3 megs
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The already amazing MM2 soundtrack is made even better via the Genesis' music chip.
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Some very cool, original music for the Genesis-only "Wily Tower" set of stages.
Unreal Tournament
Composer/Artist: Alexander "Siren" Brandon, Michiel "M.C.A." van den Bos, Andrew "necros" Sega, Dan "Basehead" Gardopée, Tero "Teque" Kostermaa, Kai-Eerik "Nitro" Komppa, Peter "Skaven" Hajba
Platform: Mac
Music Contained: UT Title, UT Menu, Colossus(Michiel), Unreal Add-On(Enigma), Firebr, Foregone Destruction, Into the Darkness, Mission Landing, Nether Animal, Razorback//Unreal mix, Run, Save Me, Skyward Fire, SuperFist, The Course, Three Wheels Turning, Unreal Add-On(Seeker 2), Phantom, Botpack #9(by Michiel), Botmca#10(by Michiel), Cannonade, Go Down, Lock, Mechanism 8/necros, Organic, Underworld II, Ending, Room of Champions
Time: 1:37:19
Size: 133.8 megs
Quite possibly my all time favorite soundtrack to a game...ever. Every piece is just flat-out fucking great.