Note: has been shut down, severely cutting off my access to clips of these terrible commercials. I will post the remaining few I have, but will have to take some time to find a new site to get pics from.
Ah, commercials, the bane of human existence. They're everywhere: TV, radio, movies, the internet, etc. It's impossible to get away from them; you have to put up with the constant barrage of crap they present.

From fucking you out of at least 8 to 10 minutes of your 30 minute program to almost 20 minutes of your hour long programs, if you want to watch something, you WILL see them.

Then there are the hardcore infomercials, wasting hour upon hour of viewing time with washed up actors and psycho-inventors. Now, it could just be me, but if you need a knife that can cut through a fucking car, maybe a more convenient way to prepare dinner shouldn't be your first concern.

Devices like TIVO are making things easier, picking and going further than conventional VCR's did....but at a price. This only really pisses the advertisers off, and could someday lead to our so-called "free" channels to be pay-per-view like cable. Though it may be a good idea now, if it takes off, which is unlikely, commercials could actually(as hard as it is to believe) get worse.

It's like an epidemic that's associated with the quest for more money. The viewers are, ultimately, the ones who get screwed everytime.

I say it's time to fight back...

Let's roll...

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