Commercial Hate FAQ:

Q: The language used on this site is horrible, I am truly offended! I will tell every parent I know NOT to let their children visit!
A: Please do. This site was not written, nor intended for children. There is nothing on this site that children would be interested in anyway, so if you would provide a little bit more protective parenting rather than blaming me and the rest of the net we wouldn't have this problem would we?

Q: I really don't appreciate the slamming and cussing, in fact your thoughts and views offend me!
A: I am sorry you feel that way. The opinions on this site are mine and mine alone; like most sites on the net though, you are free to leave at any time.

Q: The pics are terrible, what gives!?
A: Well, unfortunately, the site I use to get these ads from( will only let you view them in Real Player or Windows Media Player format; being on a Mac, I have to use the ultra-shitty Real Player. This is why the quality is so terrible...because Real Player is so terrible.

Q:Why not the Mentos commercials?
A: I would go for it, if the Foo Fighters' "Big Me" video didn't do it so perfectly.

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