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Now up to 19.7 gigs of mediocrity!

Last Update: Sunday, February 17, 2019 8:53 PM (CST)

* Still just messing around, trying to get back in to the groove of working on the site.

* 1-10: Alright, finished adding new higher-res artwork to all MP3s in the Sound{e}scapes section.

* 1-4: As hard as it is to believe, I'm actually working on the site again...damn near 3 years after my last update. Just kind of tinkering around with the Sound{e}scapes section...still. Updating the artwork in the MP3 files to something a bit larger for all our modern devices and whatnot. I still have some more significant changes in store for the section...

* 6-13-15: Updated the WAG Stats section with June's numbers. WAG hit *6 million* visitors on June 25th!


Welcome to Whip Ass Gaming, my personal site devoted to old school gaming, 3D artwork, videogame music and just about everything else in between. Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect from the sections in the site:

A Tribute to the Women of Videogaming: A project five years in the making. The Tribute is a huge collage consisting of various artwork featuring female videogame characters.

Bel's House of Rendered Women: A huge gallery showcasing artists and their 3D, female creations. After more than a dozen whopping pages of quality renders, things are still going strong. Be sure to visit the artist's sites for more goodness, these guys rock!

Dirt-Cheap PC Gaming: This section deals with both classic and current PC game reviews, as well as tips on getting them to run.

Old School Sega Section: Reviews for classic Sega games across the various Sega consoles. Also features original game print ads, videogame music, animated galleries and much, much more.

PSX Classics: Like the OSSS, but for the PSX. Giving quality PSX games the recognition they deserve.

Sound{e}scapes: Videogame music...and lots of it. My personal gaming music collection, in a nicely organized section for your listening pleasure.

The Big, Heavy-ass Xbox Section: A mix of in-depth and quick reviews for games on the Xbox system. This section was my one attempt to do something professional-like in terms of game reviewing.

Whip Ass MAMEing: The wild and weird world of MAME gaming. Join me as I trek through some of the best, worst and most odd roms out there.

Whip Ass Videos: A collection of every video on the site. Gameplay videos, special projects, cinemas and just about everything else in between!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back from time to time to see what more I've decided to put into WAG.


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