Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Probe
Size: 32 Megs
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)
Official Ad: Yes
Got it for: $5.99, complete.

The second tournament to decide the Earth realm's fate, this time held in the Outworld. A conversion that, even with it's flaws, still seems to shine on the 32X after all this time. On a side note: For those of you who are into it, I would like to point you to Gavok's Mortal Kombat Plot Canon Guide for a really well done overview of the entire MK story.

What's it all about?
Like the first game, it's a one on one fighter, heavy on the blood. Choosing from one of the twelve characters, you'll fight your way all the way to the big man himself, Shao Kahn. MK gameplay has been sped up quite a bit since part one, and now allows for more combos and juggles. The fatalities are back, and there are more of them with all characters having at least two now, and some even having three. Adding to the whole "finishing" move thing, amusing "anti-fatalities" like the brand new "Friendships" are an amusing diversion from the overly-violent mood of it all...

Graphics - Big and colorful; without a doubt the 32X's extra color palette is put to good use. The animation is another matter completely. From pretty smooth to outright shitty, the animation department of the game is lacking with a lot of frames that should have been made possible with 32 megs. Again, Probe's lazy approach to converting pre-existing code shines through miserably.
Sound - Though most would disagree with me, I think that the arcade soundtrack is faithfully reproduced through the Genesis/32X sound chip(with certain changes made due to its limitations). The sound effects, on the other hand, are straight on. Not all made it in, but those that did are very close to the original arcade samples.
Control - Awesome. I would have say that this version controls even better than its arcade predecessor. Super smooth!
AI - It's MK, so cheap as all fuck. Once you learn the "jumping back" AI flaw(this goes back to the arcade even), it's playable with most characters. Two player Kombat is really where it's at though...
Replay value - Infinite! It never seems to get old.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
Though the "walk back" AI flaw isn't present in this version(unlike the arcade and SNES versions), the hardcore corner combos did make it in(unlike the SNES version). If you can trap someone in the corner, all of the hardcore combos of the arcade version are possible.
A quick, and fun combo with Cage:
(while opponent is in the corner)
Jump in with a super-deep kick
Juggle with two ducking low punches
Standing high punch
Shadow Kick or Shadow Uppercut
(note: After the two juggling low punches, you can substitute the nut crunch in for the standing high punch for a painfully hardcore combo)

My rating: 90(out of 100) - Hands down, the best conversion of MK2 on the consoles(up until the recent Midway Arcade Treasures Vol.2 release)! Losing points due to lazy programming and mismanagement of cart space are about the only flaws I can really fault it for.
On a side note, I am torn: It is the best console version by far, but still shows certain obvious flaws we have to accept due to Probe's shit conversion. We put up with it because it's all we got, and I can't help but feel we fell right into Acclaim's strategy of "Doesn't matter how little effort we put into'll sell".
GamePro gave it: 3.5(graphics), 2.5(sound), 3.0(control), 2.5(funfactor) (out of 5)
VideoGames gave it: 9, 8, 8, 7(out of 10)

MK fanatics like Bel will find enough flaws to knock it down, but as a console conversion it doesn't get any better than this!

The badass opening story cinema screens are back!!!
Damn, the trees are sooo angry!
A Shadow Kick for Rayden...
Never is pretty when sisters fight...
Finish Him!

As insane as it may sound, I have actually gif-ed *all* of the Mortal Kombat II -alities. To check them out, click below. Also, MK1, MK3 and UMK3 have also received this treatment. MKG is done in Divx video...

Mortal Kombat II -ality Demonstration
Mortal Kombat Fatality Demonstration
Mortal Kombat 3 -ality Demonstration
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -ality Demonstration
Mortal Kombat Gold Fatality Demonstration
Gameplay Videos:
Attract Mode - 1:03, 2.2 megs

Immediate Streaming - YouTube
Description: The game's ominous intro. You loved it in the arcade, now love it here as the 32X's added color output and palette really help the Genesis bring the cinematic to life. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.
Note: You'll need the most recent Divx codec to watch these videos. Also, slowdown and jumps in the playback may not necessarily be the fault of the game so much as the method I am using to record them. If you are having problems watching the videos in your browser, just right-click and download them to your hard drive...

Probing idiotic:
Probe has had a long, sad history of fucking up MK games; this is most apparent when the amazing team at Sculptured Software was hired to do the conversion for Mortal Kombat 3 on the Genesis. Leaps and bounds over any conversion of MK Probe has ever done. One last thing: How in the FUCK did they manage to mess up MK2 on Saturn!?