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Fatality - Self Destruct
Fatality - Overkill
Fatality - Sai Barrage
Fatality -
Nail Spitter
Fatality - Deadly Kiss
Fatality -
Fan Chop
Fatality - Hat Toss
Fatality -
Fatality - Blade Chop
Fatality -
Cyrax's "Overkill" fatality was borrowed from Smoke who used the fatality in U/MK3/T. Also, notice that his bombs are actually just the eyes from Reptile's Lair.
I absolutely cannot believe they brought back the fucking "Nail Spitter" fatality...
Though the "Deadly Kiss" fatality is as funny as it ever was, the way they make the characters expand in this one is beyond cheesy.
Kung Lao is the most overpowered characters in the game. The combos he can perform using his hat as the starter are un-fucking-believable.
I cannot believe how shitty the "Impale" fatality is in this game. Fucking disgraceful.
Fatality - Kiss of Death
Fatality - Leg Rip
Fatality - Arm Rip
Fatality -
Head Smash
Fatality - Dragon
Fatality - Super Fireball
Fatality - Body Rip
Fatality - Super Uppercut
Fatality - Head Rip
Fatality - Ice Shatter
The "Kiss of Death" makes its way back, with a slight upgrade. The costume she wears in her intro is probably my all-time favorite for her.
I love what they added at the end of Jax's redone "Arm Rip" fatality.
Of all the redone fatalities in the game, Liu's "Dragon" is probably my favorite. The added swinging around of the character, then slamming them down is just so fucking vicious.
When in the Tuxedo costume, Johnny's weapon is now a gun! Like Fujin's crossbow, you can use it to mow down your opponent.
Click here to view the original video I did for his "Ice Shatter" fatality, as well as a gif I made of his intro.(note: The gif does not run full speed in IE, does in every other browser though)
Fatality - Super Kick
Fatality -
Star Barrage
Fatality - Heart Rip
Fatality -
Eye Lasers
Fatality - Electrocution
Fatality -
Lightning Staff
Fatality - Neck Breaker
Fatality -
Kiss of Death
Fatality - Toasty
Fatality -
Reiko's "Star Barrage" has more than just a passing resemblance to Shadow's Cinekill from EC:CftDS.
As Jarek really was just a replacement for Kano in MK4/G, it's fitting that they brought back his "Heart Rip" fatality. What they were thinking with the horrid "Eye Lasers", I'll never figure out.
I love the way Rayden slams his opponent down after shocking the fuck out of them in the "Lightning Staff" fatality.
Both of Tanya's fatalities look incredibly painful. That "Neck Breaker" cracks me up...
The "Toasty" fatality makes yet another return here...and with huge upgrade.
Fatality - Body Rip
Fatality -
Super Fireball
Fatality - Face Eater
Fatality -
Fatality - Head Popper
Fatality -
Fatality - Crossbow of Death
Fatality -
Fatality - Leg Rip
Fatality -
Kai's "Body Rip" is just plain great...I love how the character is still kind of alive when he throws the torso to the ground.
Wow, Reptile's "Face Eater" fatality is fucking violent!
Gotta love those skeletal hands...

I didn't much care for Fujin's "Wind" fatality, a take off of Sindel's old "Scream" fatality...but the "Crossbow of Death" makes up for it.

The infamous "Leg Rip" fatality make its debut in's as brutal as it is funny.
Fatality - Flamethrower
Fatality - The Crusher
Fatality - Super Kick
Fatality -
Super Uppercut
Fatality - Super Kick
Fatality -
Ice Shatter
Both of Sektor's fatalities from U/MK3/T come back for Gold. The way they did "The Crusher" is pretty cheesy though...
Both of Goro's fatalities are borrowed from other characters and can only be performed using the Single Button Fatality code.
Noob's "Ice Shatter" fatality gives us a clue as to his true identity that is not revealed until MK: Deception. Also, what's up with that hooded costume of his!?
(note: Noob has no intro)
A really funny stage fatality, I love this one!
Like in MK2, you can hold "Down" on the controller to make the character slip off the spikes...and you'll even get a "Toasty" for it this time!
Though it's sad that The Pit doesn't make it back as a stage, or stage fatality, it's still something you'll probably see every time you play the game...and it's still great.
The MK4/G Story Intro, completely redone in rendered graphics.