(or Weekend Project #7)
Taking a four day trip to New Orleans, we visited quite a few places. Among them, and what you'll mainly be seeing, were our trips to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Zoo. If you find yourself in New Orleans, and can sober up long enough, be sure to give them a shot...
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Looks lovely, ready for a swim?
Flamingos in the far back...
I'm not sure what it was, but it wouldn't pull it's head out from between its legs...
Lazy Kangaroo!
Swamp, covered by a lovely green blanket.
Waterfall at the zoo.
Monkey playin' around...
Getting ready for a monkey leap!
Ape-swinging action!
This guy was really mad.
Yes, at first, I thought it was a statue as well.
A new arrival...poking his head out for 15 minutes of fame.
Making a break for it!
Took this one for JD and Baraka.
Look close...