Taking a four day trip to New Orleans, we visited quite a few places. Among them, and what you'll mainly be seeing, were our trips to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Zoo. If you find yourself in New Orleans, and can sober up long enough, be sure to give them a shot...
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Lizards...basking under the amazing sun spots of the Elph's flash.
More lizards, just hangin...
Random foliage.
Tucan...behind bars!
Darkly lit waterfall.
A very active tank of sea lions.
Not content with the attention he was getting, this sea lion heads for the stage.
This Rino, believe it or not, scratched his butt on the tree stump for a good 10 minutes...
Really fat birds.
Turtles on parade...
Lazy leopard!
Hardcore giraffe action!
Believe it or not, they actually try to keep raccoons in the zoo!
The bear would just stare at you...like you were staring at him...