Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Size: 24 megs
No. of players: 1
Got it for: $4.90, new.

The evil King Dirge is stealing the rhythm out of Planet Rhythmania! It's up to resident groove-master Tempo to stop him! Along with his girlfriend, they make their way through the extremely odd sections of the planet to defeat the King and return the rhythm the residents who so desperately need it...

What's it all about?
It's an odd platforming gem starring a host of warped characters. Playing Tempo, you go through a series of "shows"(levels) taking out odd, little ant guys who are threatening your groove. During the levels you will pick up an assortment of "sound energy" powerups, and even call upon the help of Tempo's girlfriend to take out the goofy-ass enemies that get in your way...

Graphics - Sweet Jesus...the color....the color is almost blinding. *THIS* is what cartoon platformers should look like. Other than the amazing color, the character animation and level scenery are a real knockout as well. Wait until you see the cows...
Sound - Funky, ToeJam and Earl-like grooves accompany some quality, cartoony sound effects. It's even recorded in QSound to heighten the listening experience!
Control - Excellent. Tempo responds well to whatever it is you need him to do. With the ability to float and run, getting around in his world is a snap.
AI - The enemies pretty much do their thing, you can attack them or leave them alone. The bosses, on the other hand, can be really tough at times.
Replay value - High. It's a quality platformer, and a piece of eye candy at that. You'll play it a lot!
Tips for better gaming experiences:
*Pray* you have Tempo's girlfriend with you for the boss fights...I'll leave it at that. You'll see what I mean the first time you fight one without her.

My rating: 90(out of 100) - A great example of what platforming can be. Amazing graphics, a funky soundtrack and some solid gameplay make this another one of the 32X's shining stars...
GamePro gave it: 4.5(graphics), 4.5(sound), 4.0(control), 4.0(funfactor) (out of 5)
Sega Saturn Magazine gave it: 6, 4, 6, 7(out of 10)(note: SS mag reviews all Sega formats, not just the Saturn)

Cat's review:
The color makes me crazy! Nothing should have that many shades of orange, except me! Great game, a bit slow paced and overly hard a times but a lot of fun regardless.

Just like in real life, when you see the sign with the Windows symbol on it, it signifies the end...
An odd circus.
Does this level remind you of any other cartoon-like game where you play a cute character who occasionally goes into monsters through their mouths? *cough*bonk*cough...
The "dancing ants" level is especially warped.
Gameplay Videos:
Attract Mode - 0:47, 8.2 megs

Immediate Streaming - YouTube
Description: The musical intro from Tempo. Hey, if a terrible game like Clay Fighter gets its own theme song, then a great one like Tempo *definitely* deserves one(even if the song is terrible).
Note: You'll need the most recent Divx codec to watch these videos. Also, slowdown and jumps in the playback may not necessarily be the fault of the game so much as the method I am using to record them. If you are having problems watching the videos in your browser, just right-click and download them to your hard drive...
Rapper's Non-Delight :
Like Clay Fighter on the SNES, Tempo has a full theme song it sings/raps to you on the cart. Like Clay Fighter's song on the SNES, it sucks too...