Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Size: 16 megs
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)
Got it for: $12.95, new. Got this little Gem at Flashback VideoGames.

Some evil organization has started construction on their new weapon, the "sun laser". Being part of the federation's "Shadow Squadron", you are assigned to take out the this weapon at any cost. Making your way through space, you'll encounter enemy drones, battle ships and even space stations as you plow a path to the laser itself...

What's it all about?
A badass, polygon based space shooter; this is just another example of how great the overlooked 32X was. You can take command of one of two ships that you'll cruise around in, destroying everything you come across, all in smooth 3D glory. Missions mostly consist of destroying certain ships/stations in a particular level before your fuel and power cells run out. Two players can get into the action with the Feather 2: One takes the stick while the other shoots enemies down. This game in a word: Rocks.

Graphics - Outstanding. Flat shaded polygons never looked so good. The game's options will even let you change the colors of the enemy ships(as well as your own) for an easier view. The explosions are pretty hip as well, with most ships blowing up into a shattered mess of polygon shrapnel.
Sound - Ok, I guess. There's music, but it's just kind of there in the faint background. The sound effects consist of laser and explosion sounds, and that's about it.
Control - Solid. Your fighter responds well(if you're using the Feather 1. If you're using the Feather 2, it handles like a bus) at high or low speeds.
AI - Ranges from fair for about the first three or four levels to punishing on the last few to impossibly hard on the last level. I sometimes think the developers thought it would be hilarious to let you bust your ass all the way to the end, then fuck you hard with a last space station that will rip your ass in half in no time flat...and then they add a two minute time limit on top of that.
Replay value - High at first...then when you see what you're up against at the end, you may tend to just play it from time to time.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
Flying incredibly close to the larger ships will generally get you out of harm's way. Also, don't waste too much power with your torpedoes, unless the mission calls for the smaller ships to be destroyed they will generally just ignore you.

My rating: 93(out of 100) - Amazing 3D shooter that shows off some serious polygon power by the 32X. It looses points for its extreme difficulty on the last level.
EGM gave it: 5.5, 5, 5, 5(out of 10)
Game Informer gave it: 7.75, 8.25, 8.5(out of 10)
GamePro gave it: 4.0(graphics), 3.0(sound), 4.0(control), 4.0(funfactor) (out of 5)

JD's bashing:
Kind of boring, seems like all you do is take out larger ships that take forever to knock out. Fun for about the first two levels...that's it.

The replays are almost as much to watch as playing the game.
You can pick from the slow-ass(but powerful) Feather 2 or the quick, little Feather 1. Disclaimer: Do not pick the Feather 2.
"Captain, we appear to be breaking up into smaller polygons!"
Feather 1 whips ass!
Gameplay Videos:
Sega logo, Feather 1, Feather 2
- 2:57, 16.5 megs

Immediate Streaming - YouTube
Description: The intro for both ships and the Attract Mode featuring the Feather 1 ship. Watch as it wreaks all sorts of havoc on an enemy fleet...
Note: You'll need the most recent Divx codec to watch these videos. Also, slowdown and jumps in the playback may not necessarily be the fault of the game so much as the method I am using to record them. If you are having problems watching the videos in your browser, just right-click and download them to your hard drive...
Steller pricing:
The sequel to this game, Stellar Assault SS, is one of the most rare, and expensive Saturn games of all time; most say that the 32X version is a better game though. Also, this is one of the few games in the history of the Genesis/Sega CD/32X that makes actual use out of the 6 button pad's "Mode" button. With it you can switch from cockpit to follow view. Pretty cool.