File Name: Genesis Game Box Decapitation Massacre
Location: Bel's Apt.
Date: 5-07-02
Time: 3:55 PM

We arrived on the scene after a call was made to 911. Caller sounded frantic, sobbing over something about boxes. Normally we deem calls like these as pranks, but upon running a check on the address we discovered this is where the demon-puss Baraka lives. Other than fuckers whose live's are so dull and they are so lonely they have to crosspost amazingly inane threads from wrestling groups to RGVS for fun, there is nothing worse than Baraka so we headed there immediately...

When we arrived at Bel's apt, the door was open...and the place looked to be deserted. We started our investigation:

Crime Scene Photo 1: The Blood Trail

Upon walking in the apt, a "blood trail" of sorts was found on the carpet. Genesis box tabs were cut clean off their boxes and left, and like that piece of shit crossposting bitch-ass troll ANGRY, they were everywhere.

Crime Scene Photo 2: The Sink

A known hangout of the suspect, Baraka, we find more Genesis box tabs.

Crime Scene Photo 3: Another Blood Trail

After the bathroom we found another trail of Genesis box tabs, hopefully this would lead us to the suspect.

Crime Scene Photo 4: The Food Bowl

Looks like someone had a tasty bit of cat food, then Genesis box tabs for dessert!

Crime Scene Photo 5: Caught!

We have caught the suspect, in the act of eating Genesis box tabs! Bad cat!

Crime Scene Photo 6: Released

After a rigorous 24 hours of interrogation(22 of which the suspect slept on the chair), he admitted that he did indeed maliciously scalp the Genesis boxes of their tabs.

Case Closed. Suspect was whooped and denied "Whisker Lickens" for 48 hours. He has yet to repeat the offense....
Ok, ok, it sucked.....but wasn't it better than RGVS lately? It's such a shame to see the neighborhood turn into a breeding ground for trolls like ANGRY and the rest of his fucking gang of personalities...

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