Unreal Tournament:
Game of the Year Edition FAQ

Covering Mac, PC and Dreamcast versions

Enjoy some UT midi, from DazeLand. An amazingly good site for older games, and Mega Man! Check it out!!!
BTW, if you're not into the midi, just turn it off!

"Do you have what it takes....to win the tournament?"
1. Who this FAQ is for
2. Mac/PC Differences
3. Single Player Games
4. Tips and Tricks for UT
5. Chaos UT
6. Tips and Tricks for Chaos UT
7. A few of my favorite maps...
8. UT Links
9. Dreamcast UT
10 . A special request

1. Who this FAQ is for:
Mostly for beginners and those completely new to Unreal Tournament and Chaos UT. This FAQ is basically a collection of things I've learned from my time with UT/Chaos. I am by no means a god at this game, nor that good at it...though I can generally hold my own unless it's against a group of veteran players or something. Everything I am telling you though, I have personally done and/or seen during my time with the game...and even though I primarily play on the Mac, trust me, it's the SAME thing as the PC version.

Why make a FAQ now, noone plays anymore right?
UT is still played heavily, and UT 2003's outrageous system requirements will keep it that way for quite sometime. People discover the bliss of UT everyday and with it being $9.99 or lower most places, it's hard not to give it a shot...if you haven't, you should!

2. Mac/PC Differences:
Alright, for those out there that have to needlessly bash the opposing platform user, here's some ammo for your inane attacks. Note: Both versions comes with the exact same amount of maps, modes, weapons and character models. This shit below...nothing worth arguing over...just posting it because I can...

Both need to have Chaos UT updated to the current version(right now, that's 1.1)

Mac version comes with Desktop pictures(640X480, 800X600 and 1024X768)
PC version comes with Desktop Themes

Mac version comes with the "Umod Installer"
PC version does not, though it can be downloaded

Mac version is one CD
PC version is two CD's

Mac version installs in less than 10 minutes
PC version takes almost half an hour

Mac version does not come with option to install the high res textures
PC version does(this is why it's on two CD's)

Mac version is already patched to version 4.36
PC version is only at 4.32, requiring the 4.36 to be up to date

These are the only real differences in the game. Other than the above, both games are virtually identical. BE HAPPY WITH THE PLATFORM YOU HAVE IT ON!
3. Single Player Games:

* Having a hard time winning against the bots? Beating them is not so much about skill as it is knowing where they congregate. In each level, you will find that one certain area is a non-stop combat field. Once you find that area, stick close to it, the bots will knock each other down and all you'll have to do it hit them with the final shot. The Rocket Launcher, Shock Rifle combo shot and Flak Cannon are great for taking out groups of bots that are all almost dead.
4. Tips & Tricks for UT:

* Don't overlook the power of the double pistols, a lot of ass can be whipped with those things.

* If you win a match, as the camera is showing your close up you can taunt and wave as much as you want.

* Again, if you win a match, you can manually cycle through your weapons. Looks kind of goofy.

* Finally, if you win a match, you can also fire your weapon as the camera closes in on you. To do this cycle through your weapons and constantly hit the fire button.

* The Impact Hammer, though slow to charge and pretty useless in a fire fight, has an amazingly useful purpose: You can use it to boost yourself up to places not normally accessible! To do it, charge you Impact Hammer to the max level, aim it at the ground and release. This can be done a maximum time of two times, then you WILL kill yourself.

* Feign death when you hear people coming, this is a great way to nail some suckers in the back.

* Shoot walls in EVERY level you go to. Most have secret passage ways or just simply a place to rest for moment and send a few shout outs to your opponents.

* Make sure you have "Dodging" turned on! I cannot even begin to describe how helpful this can be in engaging fire fights, running from fire fights and jumping longer distances.

* If you are partial to a particular weapon, turn off Auto Weapon Switch in the Weapons menu. This will allow you to use your favorite weapon without switching over to a more powerful weapon if you happen to pick one up. Fellow Snipers, you know what I mean...

* Don't be a bitch, turn Auto Aim OFF!

* Choose a game with low ping rate, this will help kill the lag that seriously effects your performance.

* Sorting the server menu will better help you to find what you are looking for. If you are looking for a lower ping rate, sort by ping, searching for a particular number of opponents, sort by players, etc.

* There is no way to search for someone by name, like in PSO, get used to it...it sucks.

* Instant Rockets are a very bad thing, turn it off.

* If you are flat out of ammo, have no place to run, are almost dead and someone is coming at you down a long hallway, break out your last resort: The Impact Hammer's Secondary Fire. When timed right, or if you're just extremely lucky, you can reflect bullets back at your opponent with this. As hard as it is to believe, I have actually reflected attacks twice now and sent them back at my opponent, killing them.

* The Shock Rifle can be used to create a massive explosion that is really good for crowded rooms. Fire your secondary shot, wait a moment and fire your primary shot into it.

* With the Ripper, ALWAYS aim high....

* The Rocket Launcher, where to even start with this amazingly destructive weapon:
1. If you have the time, ALWAYS load multiple rockets.
2. Use your secondary fire when fending off those down stairs.
3. Holding the cursor on an opponent for about 2 seconds will activate the heat seeking mechanism on the rocket. You will see as the cursor will turn red and the gun will beep.
4. Holding the primary fire and hitting the secondary fire will result in the rockets firing in a circular formation. This isn't extremely useful as your opponent can more easily avoid it than they could a charged Primary attack.
5. If you are good, or lucky, you can actually juggle opponents with rockets.

* The Flak Cannon is your friend, use it ALOT! Primary attack can kill someone in as little as two shots, and can be used to hit them from around corners and such. The Secondary attack will usually waste someone in one hit.

* DO NOT attempt to use the BioRifle anywhere other than hallways when you are running away. For kicks though, find a high, dry spot and shoot big gobs of goo to the floor and watch people walk into it...

* The Sniper Rifle can lift you to godlike status if you are good. I recommend lots of Silent Scope(the DC version, not arcade) practice...

* If you are unfortunate enough to be left with only the Chainsaw, use the Secondary Side Swipe, aim high and pray.

* If you are Billy Badass or just in a really secure position, have fun with the Redeemer's Secondary firing. It will let you manually control the rocket from a first person view. Loads of fun!

* The Translocator can be your friend as well as your worst enemy. Telefragging is possible, but having your locator seen and shot will get you killed...

* I swear to God that the Thigh Pads make you move faster, but I have yet to see this documented anywhere.

* Anti Gravity Boots are there for a reason: There is usually someplace in that level where something REALLY good can be acquired using them...

* The Relics....wow, where to even start on these amazingly cool add-ins...
1. The Relic of Power - Combine this badboy with any weapon to take your opponents down fucking fast!
2. The Relic of Speed - They can't shoot what they can't catch. This is excellent for out-running or just plain running in on opponents.
3. The Relic of Defense - Like Armor, but better, way better. A huge boost in defense that will leave you standing after most attacks.
4. The Relic of Regeneration - Hands down, the BEST relic of the bunch! This amazing relic will regenerate your health up to a maximum of 150 points! If you can survive the battle, this thing can heal you and quickly.
5. The Relic of Vengeance - Upon picking up this relic, after you die a large, transparent skull will appear above your body creating a Redeemer missile size explosion taking anyone with it that comes in contact. A great "Fuck You" for those who enjoy post death taunting...

5. Chaos UT(As of this writing, Chaos UT 1.1 is out and the most current version, be SURE to get it!)
Chaos UT was designed and developed by the amazing people at Chaotic Dreams. Adding to the already phenomenal game of Unreal Tournament, they brought in new weapons, items, levels and a new mode of play. Here's a brief rundown of what Chaos UT provides:

1. The Grappling Hook: Used to get you out of a tight spot, to attack or to set up ceiling traps.

2. Spawning Protection: Thank GOD! Is it just me or does anyone else get pissed as fuck coming out of a re-spawning to be shot down BY THE SAME MOTHERFUCKER who killed you just a second ago? In Chaos UT, you don't have to put up with that anymore. You character is impervious to damage for a user-specified amount of time after their re-spawning.

3. GravBelt: Reducing the affect of gravity on your player, the Gravbelt lets you float about while it lasts. An on/off switch has been added to avoid wasting its energy when not in use.

4. Armor Shards: A lot like what you remember from Doom and Quake 3, just bits of armor that add 5 points to your overall total.

5. Kick: You can now kick people in UT. Why the hell would you even attempt it? Well, mostly just for amusement(kicking someone off a cliff or something is pretty damn funny), but moreso for wreaking havoc on the opposing team's/player's Translocator. Nothing like kicking one of those suckers out of place and watching a confused opponent teleport in and look around blankly as you gun them down.

6. New Sounds: Now, upon getting very close to death, you will be able to hear your own heartbeat, as well as opponent's(assuming your close enough). This is a good reminder to get SOME FUCKING HEALTH! Also, your characters will now sneeze, cough, fart, etc. Why, I don't know, but it's pretty funny at times.

7. New Maps!!!!

8. New Weapons: Nine new weapons are added, most with up to four different ammo types! Two Super Weapons are included in that line up as well.

9. Kamikaze: After obtaining 10 rockets(or more), set them to countdown and hit the crowd. You blow up, in a HUGE explosion, taking as many of those bitches with you as you can!

10. New game mode - King of the Hill: Try to stay on top of the hill for as long as possible!

Again, as of this writing, Chaos UT 1.1 is out and HIGHLY recommended as an update to your UT: GotY ed install or to your regular UT install. I would suggest downloading in "umod" format for best results and the easiest install.

Mac Users - You will ALWAYS get an error after installing ANY version of Chaos UT, telling you that the "Chaos bitmap" could not be placed(or something like that). This is no big deal, it's just a new background picture for your UT, in-game desktop...you can live(and play) without it.

6. Chaos UT Tips and Tricks:
A small section of what I've learned during my time with Chaos UT...

* Always, always, always shoot the grappling hook when attacking. It's good for two things:
1. It hurts!
2. Sometimes you'll miss, and it'll drag you away from a loosing battle.

* After being shot with a poison arrow, you will most likely die as it not only slows you down but impairs your vision and your ability to attack, so be sure to turn and face your opponent. Sounds fucked up right? Well, this is good for one major reason: Barfing! Occasionally your character will throw up, this comes out in the form of a small glob of bio sludge. Hitting your opponent with this, can kill him. It's a last ditch effort, but just kill someone with it *once* and you will understand the satisfaction...

* The Sentry Turret is your best backup defense when playing Capture the Flag. Leaving one man, and the turret behind at base is a good strategy. If he dies, the turrets keeps pumping away until it too is destroyed.

* Though going Kamikazi will kill and take a frag away from you, in a crowded room it can kill everyone close enough to the explosion, thus adding to your kills.

* The Utility Gun's Air blast is not only amusing, but can blow opponents away, literally. Use it to knock people off ledges or into slime or lava pits.

* The Relic of Vengeance will occasionally spit fire while sitting there, waiting to be picked up. I have no idea if this will hurt you or not...I'm betting it will...

* The CAS12 Shotgun is devastatingly powerful, especially with Armor Piercing ammo.

* The Alternate Fire key is *highly* recommended when setting off the Vortex super weapon. Throw it and run like fuck.

* Watch your ass with the Chaos Sniper rounds, they ricochet and can come back to hit you! On the other hand, they can also make for some interesting bank-shots.

* Remember to reload the Sentry Turret, or it will self destruct upon running out of ammo. Just run up to the turret it to reload that bastard.

* You can switch from Shock Energy shots to Rockets on the Turret. Set this up in the Chaos Config menu.

* The Grappling Hook is great for setting traps. Use the Hook/Up key to hang high above those you intend to trap.
7. A few of my favorite maps...
Capture the Flag:
1. PowerSlave(280k): Don't look so surprised, you knew I'd try to find a map based on one of my favorite games. Though not having a whole lot to do with the actual game PowerSlave, by Lobotomy, this is an amazingly good CTF map. Both teams get their own Pyramid and courtyard, separated by a large, sandy hill. Be sure to take a dive in the waterways and shoot a rocket down the water hall for some cool light sourcing.

1. Tomb Raider(304k)): A HUGE fucking map in the grand tradition of TR and its various, incredibly large environments. Be sure to add a LOT of bots or players for this one...

2. Doom 2(3.3 megs): A great, smaller level for Domination. Man, it's just too cool to see the old, first level from Doom 2 again! Be sure to seek out the secret room, full of old id memorabilia.

8. Links:
Here are a few places to visit when looking for UT maps, mods and other things:

Unreal Tournament.com - The official site. Has a nice selection of stuff, and extras. All of the bonus packs can be downloaded from here, for those of you without the GotY ed. Just for kicks, when your girlfriend isn't around, try taking the "a" out of tournament and see where it takes you...(note: DO NOT do this at work)

Chaotic Dreams - Creators of Chaos UT. Here you can find downloads for Chaos UT, documentation, fan art, maps and more.

Nali City & Unreal Planet - NON-STOP maps! These sites also review the maps, which is pretty hip.

Planet Unreal - THE commercial site for anything Unreal. They cover every Unreal game that's hit the market, as well as provide maps, patches and other files for any Unreal game. Their only real downside: They are part of the GameSpy network, which does all their downloading through FilePlanet. Those lines, my God, those lines. Though you'll have to wait a bit for it, it's a really nice treat, the entire soundtrack from the game can be downloaded free of charge in their "Essential UT Files" section!!!

Schwantz's Redeemer Arena Files - One of the wildest, and my favorite, rides currently on UT! You have not known chaos until you have played Redeemer Arena: One Redeemer, unlimited ammo and a lot of motherfuckers to kill. It ROCKS like no other. Online, if you're going to play, hit "Curious George's Redeemer Insanity"...you may just find me there...

...more to come...eventually...

9. Dreamcast UT:
Previously I had written a DC specific FAQ for Unreal Tournament, it's located here. It has a lot of the same tips you'd find in the Mac/PC versions as, well, it's the same game and all, but also has a lot of DC specific tips and tricks in it. Be sure to take a look!

My first experience with UT was on the DC, so I have a special sort of sentimental thing for it. If you've got a DC and haven't given UT a shot yet, you seriously need to. It has a LOT of maps that you can't play anywhere else...fucking good maps. That brings me to the last of this FAQ...

10. A special request:
UT Map makers/designers - A special request:
If you've not played the Dreamcast or PS2 versions of UT, seek out a copy! It has some really good maps that are not included on ANY version of UT for the Mac or PC. As of yet, noone has even attempted to mess with the DC/PS2 version's disc to see if any info can be extracted out of it and used to re-create these great maps. If anyone would be interested in giving it a try, please email me and I will do what I can to help! Thanks!!!