The Tower that Sega Built
(or Weekend Project #2)
Hmmmm, a large stack of boxes...and a boring Sunday
afternoon to waste....what to do?
After receiving the building permit by the apt. manager, initial construction began.
Side View: Damn, now there's a foundation!
Halfway there....please don't fall, please don't fall, please don't fall....
Side View: See, they weren't oversized, nor useless!
After a nerve racking 25 minutes, the construction was finished.
Over 6 feet in size!
Yes Ray, no human would stack boxes like this...
Taken by Baraka, the cat, from the ground.
Toping off the tower, Sonic and Knuckles.
Another quality shot by cat...
I know what you're thinking, and yes, I am available for parties.
This is for my highschool drafting teacher who told me, as he looked at my house plans: "Well, Belmont, someone has to fry America's burgers."
Baraka checks out his new kitty club house...
Below are some shots of my initial construction that not only sucked, but fell over very early in the stacking.