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A closer look reveals...
Hojo's Sonic Crayons Pack
Dr. Aki, Alice & Cheshire
Sonic Boom Limited Collector's Edition Soundtrack
This little jewel came with the "Sonic 3D Blast Pack" promotion at Best Buy. Never used! It has this really odd statement on it: "Kids go Hojo with Sega". What the hell does that mean!?
Dr. Aki, from the Final Fantasy movie, was acquired for about $2 at Gamestop. What a find! This figure is great! The Alice & Cheshire is actually supposed to be a tree ornament(from HallMark), but I want to see it more than just once a year! Cheshire appears when you move the ornament, sort of holographic.
Got this when I reserved Sonic 3 at Toys R Us. It was a $10 deposit, then $39.99 for the game, but it was worth it. The soundtrack is a combination of Spencer Nilsen's tunes from Sonic CD and the original, full instrument versions of a few pieces from Sonic Spinball.
Nights Pillow Case
My collection of Genesis box tabs and my arcade stick from a Mortal Kombat machine
Official Lobotomy Software shirt and folders
Received this item from Best Buy's "Nights into Dreams" promotion box. It came with a lot of odd things, mostly food items and some other stuff, this was really the only thing of worth in the pack.
You may remember the tabs from the "Genesis Game Box Massacre" in the Old School Sega Section. They are just my collection of tabs scalped(very harshly, I might add) from their boxes. It's almost a ritual everytime I do one. The arcade stick was from an actual Mortal Kombat arcade machine. It had, somehow, broken at the base and when the repairman finished fixing it, I asked if I could have it...
Souvenirs from my trip to Seattle when I flew up there to meet the guys at Lobotomy. The shirt has been worn to the point of being worn out. I can't believe I let it get that way! The folders, I still use. It's pretty hip to walk around at work in this corporate environment and have that big'ole Lobotomy logo facing out towards everyone.