Bel and the Quest for the Holy (mega)Man
(or Weekend Project #3)

After seven years of looking, I have finally found RockMan Mega World(or Mega Man: The Wily Wars). The below are the events that transpired after its order.(you know, when I started this section, I thought this was just going to be another cheesy addition to my page...but this truly is turning into a life-long quest...)

This wonderful game was purchased from WolfGames, be sure to visit Matt at some point during your online shopping. The man has EVERYTHING!!! Also, if you're a PC Engine buff, give The West Exit a visit for more PCE games than you could ever imagine, and other gaming goodness!!

Thanks again Matt!!!

Friday, Aug. 16 2002: 6:00pm
"Uh, Bel, that's just your carpet and a Genesis controller."
Yeah it is, you see, the mail lady in our neighborhood thought it'd be a GREAT idea to take the package back to the PO with her, rather than put it in one of the damn USPO authorized mail boxes at my apt complex. You are seeing exactly what I saw that Friday night. Mega Delay!
Saturday, Aug. 17 2002: 10:28am
An evening of hell passes, I wake up early to take my ass to the PO. After a wonderfully long wait at the PO with 6 people ahead of me, and one bitch behind me who obviously doesn't understand the concept of personal space(being claustrophobic, this suddenly becomes very important to you), I finally picked up the package. Mega Happy!
I carefully rip into the box, revealing the always nice
packing job Matt does! Mega Super Happy!
Look at that, near mint condition...even has the registration card with it!!! Mega Super Jammin Flipin' Out Happy!
Alright, converter connected, TV on, here we go
(wait for it...)
Mega Anticipation!!!
(wait for it...)I turn on the Genesis, walk back to the couch, sit down for a relaxing game(wait for it...), look up at the TV and BAM: Mega FUCKED! You can almost hear the high five between Fate and God. Wow, the converter that works on EVERY other MD game I own doesn't seem to work with this one.
Well, at least I have it now right? I can try to find another converter, maybe even dig up the ever elusive region lockout Game Genie codes. On the bright side, look at this gorgeous color manual!
Hmmm, on a closer inspection of the manual, I find something...
This explains a lot!
Saturday, Aug. 17 2002: 3:20pm
Ah, but it can't rain all the time...
My serious thanks go out to Trevor Wilson and his wonderful FAQ!!!
There is it, after seven long years, there it is....I told myself I wasn't going to cry.


Cart Stacking(for fun and profit)
Just for kicks, I wanted to see what the maximum amount of crap I could stack was. I think I have found it: Model 1 Sega CD+Model 1 Genesis+32X+Game Genie+Import Converter+Sonic and Knuckles+Sonic 3(this is assuming that you have the Mega Drive versions of S&K and Sonic 3 and would need the converter). I have had the idea for quite some time, just needed an audience to embarrass myself in front of...

Baraka carefully inspects the configuration to
be sure it is FCC compliant.
As you may notice by the pegs towards the top, I actually had to remove a shelve of the entertainment center to get this to fit.
The initial pic wasn't doing justice to just how tall this configuration was, so I added the Dreamcast keyboard behind it.
Baraka took this picture, from the ground...

Some of the RGVS/ASG regulars have built some amazing skyscrapers as well...
Azathoth's Amazing Stack, Mnemonic's Towering Inferno and D King's Skyscraper

Above is just an updated picture of my little entertainment center/bookshelf(Weekend Project #1). You can see my lovely Sonic, 11 inch figure with his (plastic)golden Sonic logo...