Whip Ass Videos FAQ:

Q: Why are there so few pages for the Gameplay videos?
A: I've had a lot of trouble with the various video input cards I've had over the years. I never could find one that either worked really well(with no controller lag), or just even worked at all in my PC. Sadly, that leaves me with getting video from emulation...which I don't particularly like to do, but it does work out alright. Once I get a decent video input card, things will change...

Q: Why Divx?
A: When I first starting doing video for WAG, I really had no idea how I was going to pack these big-ass videos files onto my site's server(back then I was limited to a 300 meg user account). I started looking around for some sort of video compression that was not only easy to use, but also affordable. This is where Divx came in.

Q: Downloading off your site is really slow!
A: Oh, I know it. Though the throughput and storage space are awesome, the download rates really aren't. Hell, the most I've gotten off WAG's server was around 400k, and though it's alright for the smaller video files...those larger ones can be a real bitch. This is why I have an option to stream the video immediately via YouTube.

Q: The bitrate is way too high on a lot of these videos!
A: I know, I know. Thing is, I'm not really a "video" sort of guy...I mean, I know how to record, edit and encode the stuff, but that's about it. I tend to raise the bitrates up because I am all about the quality, and don't really care about the size.

Q: Do you really have to put the WAG watermark on EVERY video!?
A: I am so sick and tired of people stealing my work, and anything I can do to make it harder for them, or more annoying, I'll do it.

Q: Can you get some video from {insert whatever game here}?
A: I generally don't take requests, but you're more than welcome to send them in anyway.

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