I've always been interested in the vast difference between message boards/web forums and usenet, not only the subjects that roll through, but just the difference in the people. Maybe because the web forums can be moderated so heavily, the crap posts get killed quickly and it keeps a lot of the trash out...I don't know. Whip Ass Gaming Forums is my attempt at trying to start up a community of people interested in discussing old school gaming, and various other topics of interest(based on sections of the site).

Just a quick primer, before you head off to the forums:

1. You may lurk, view posts and do pretty much everything else without signing up. To post though, you will have to sign up for the forum. It's free and pretty simple: You don't have to give out any info you don't want to, you don't have to show any info that's not mandatory.

2. I am pretty new to the whole forum setup/format...so if things aren't what they should be, or you'd like a different view of the posts and such, just post a request in "New Forum additions" thread and I'll look into adding it.

3. ANYTIME you find a post of a troll-ish nature, or spamming or whatever, REPORT it immediately using either the pre-made form in the forum, or just by shooting me an email real quick. I am on the internet all the time so I will most likely catch any post like that...but it's possible that I will miss them from time to time.

4. Right now, we've been only been given 16 megs to use, so try to go easy on it, ok? At some point I may pay the annual fee for a larger space, but we'll see how it goes...

5. The forums are being hosted, for free, by ZetaBoards...so try to behave as best you can.

Finally, if you have any problems signing up, or need me to resend your confirmation email, etc. just email me and I'll help you out. Also, please note that I only check the new membership que once a week, every Friday, so if you want to be activated sooner than that, just shoot me an email to let me know you've registered.

Let's roll...