House of Renders FAQ:

Q: Are there any printed books or collections of 3D artwork?
A: Indeed there are, quite a few in fact. Click here for a quick list of what I've compiled so far...

Q: You call this "your personal collection", but you don't own any of these!
A: Good call, and you're right. All of the pics on these pages belong to their creative makers and/or owners. I have done my best to give them all credit by listing them below the picture's name and linking to their site. I am not trying to steal anything from them, but rather get their work out there so that others can admire it as I have.

Q: Where did you get these?
A: The older pics, I really don't remember as I have been collecting them over the years. Now, the newer pics, aside from the web, I usually get off of usenet or LimeWire or something along those lines. Because of this, sometimes I will not have the correct name/creator/series listed. I try my best though to give credit where credit is due.

Q: Are these pics in any particular order?.
A: They all came from my collection that I have been gathering here an there from various sources, so about the only order the first batch is in is alphabetical by character name. Past that, you will see that pics are in no particular order.

Q: Damn, enough pics of Lara!? Is she your favorite or what?
A: Looking at the page, you would assume so, but she's not. When going about the net looking to find some quality renders, what character do you think you'll find the most of? That's right, Lara. My favorite though, has to be Koudelka...or maybe Aida(Unreal II).

Q: Jesus this page is slow on my modem! In fact, it just burst into flames!!!
A: Well, again, I do apologize, but just as the front pages states: I build for broadband connections only. I hate to do it as I was stuck with a modem for quite sometime as well, but I cannot, in good conscience, lower the quality of any of the work just so it can be viewed more quickly on a 56k connection. Again, I am sorry.

Q: You have a character, game or credit wrong.
A: Yeah, it happens. If you could, anytime you find something that you feel is off a bit, please email me and let me know. Thanks!

Q: You have XX character listed as being in XX game when she is actually in the second game, not the first!
A: Good call, but rather than get into serious detail on which particular game of a series they are from I have decided to just list the series in general for them.

Q: My banner was submitted and accepted but I don't see any banners, on any page.
A: If you're using Ad Block or Ad Block Plus, you'll need to add WAG to your exceptions list(again, this site is safe: The only banners/ads I have here in the HoR are for the artist's sites).

Q: I have some pretty good pics myself, can I post them on your page?
A: If you have some female renders(non pornographic) you would like to share, email them to me(if you have the page they were taken from, please include that so I can give credit to the artist or company). I'll take a look, and if I like them I will post them on the page.

Q: Looks like that after page one, most of the renders are just women...not videogame women. Why?
A: Well, after the Dreamcast died, I gave up on consoles for a long while(about 2 years). In doing so, I didn't visit that many videogaming sites anymore, so coming across rendered women from videogaming was getting increasingly harder for me. Now that I own an Xbox, I come upon them more and more often, so you'll be seeing more videogame renders in the future.

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