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Hip things about the Saturn version of Quake:
* All new colored lighting effects. Lobotomy improved on it's software lighting effects to include colored light sourcing.
* All new secret levels. All 4 of the secret levels have been remade by the Lobotomy team.
* Monster Wrestling League: Pit your favorite monster against another to duke it out to the death. Watch out for those Shamblers though, if they win, they come after you next!
* With a saved game from Quake, you immediately unlock Death Tank Zwei in Duke Nukem 3D.
(click here for a larger pic of my copy of Quake)

the twisted creators of quake stumble forth…(GameFan Magazine)

GF: Quake runs on a minimum spec PC of a Pentium 60 with 8 megs of Ram. Just how on earth is the Saturn going to cope!?

LOB: We’re working hard to squeeze every ounce of power out of the Saturn. Our primary goals is to successfully capture the mood, look and feel that I so unique to Quake. Certain compromises are always made when porting a game from on platform to another, but so far, we’re very excited about the fact that so few compromises have been made.

GF: The Slave Driver ending featured 3D environments with 2D enemies. Quake is fully 3D. Will you somehow be able to modify the Slave Driver engine to incorporate 3D enemies, or will you have to create a new engine from scratch?

LOB: The Slave Driver engine is being modified both to further improve its performance in rendering the environment, as well as to allow for “pick-ups” and enemies to be represented as true 3d polygon objects.

GF: Quake featured some quite spectacular dynamic lighting effects. Will you be able to keep these in?

LOB: This is one area where we feel we’ll actually be able to outperform the PC version of Quake. The Slave Driver engine allows us not only to use dynamic lighting effects, but also to specify color. WE have also added sector tinting, and expanded the set of options with regard to fixed, pre-rendered lighting to include radian, angular, random and negative light sources to the engine.

GF: Quake is a game that is played almost exclusively with the mouse to look in all directions while moving. Will you be using the analog controller to replicate the PC control system?

LOB: We will be supporting both the analog and digital controller for the Saturn. The default controller settings will provide what we consider the optimum for play, but the player will also have the ability to remap the controls to their own preference.

GF: As with Duke Nukem 3D, will Sega allow you to keep the game’s extreme level of gore and violence?

LOB: We hope so. It seems that’s what he gamers want. AS we mentioned before, out goal is toe be as true to the original in terms of play, detail, and theme as possible. Sega has assured us that they do not intend to censor the game, as has been done with some previous ports of Id’s titles.

GF: Will the game feature Net-Link or cable-link support?

LOB: There are currently no plans to support the Net-Link or cable-link.

GF: Thanks for the time guys.

Though I am still working on some actual screenshots, here is some original artwork by the artists at Lobotomy. These pics accompany you during the short loading process between levels.

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