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Death Tank: Ready for Action
Blitz Round!
Death Tank theme by MadCap

Death Tank and Death Tank Zwei, quite possibly the two greatest things to ever come out of Sega's Saturn. For the most part, when I speak of Death Tank I will be referring to Death Tank Zwei as it is a more complete game, with more weapons and gameplay strategy. I apologize for the poor quality of the screen shots. As there are virtually NO Saturn emulators available for any platform, these pics are coming off my TV via my Elph.

After the blissful opening theme you are taken to the initial DTZ menu. Here you can view your stats, or read the DT Primer. The Primer, is exactly that, it helps you with instructions, descriptions and gameplay tips.

Here is a screen shot of actual DTZ gameplay. As you an see, all tanks and dropped at a random point on randomly generated terrain. From here, the carnage begins...
Q: How do I manage to unlock Death Tank? DTZ?

A: The original Death Tank can be unlocked after obtaining all 23 Team Dolls in PowerSlave. DTZ can be unlocked in two ways: 1. Destroy every toilet in Duke Nukem 3D(including the secret level, Urea 51) 2. Have a Quake saved game on your system(this is the easier of the two ways as you can, if you have a Netlink, just download it off PlanetWeb or from me here).

Seven player Death Tank Zwei can lead to the creation of the infamous controller squid!!!

X-Files: Case #1107 - Death Tank(GameFan magazine)
Scully and I have been investigating the occurrence of a videogame that is said to be so addictive that it causes long term physical and psychological damage to the player. Little is known of the is game, save for the fact that is is called Death Tank, and it supports up to six payers simultaneously with the Saturn multi-tap. We know the game is not available to buy in any stores, but we've had reports that i can be found by collecting all 23 hidden Ream Dolls in a game names PowerSlave. A fanatical cult who call themselves "Lobotomy" are believed to worship the game at least once a day, normally during lunch break. I believe it has something to do with the alien abduction of my sister and a big government conspiracy. Scully doesn't. The case continues...

Death Tank Gameplay:
DT is amazingly simple in it's gameplay, but incredibly vast in the techniques that can be used to pound your opponents to dust. First off, DT is multiplayer REQUIRED: You CANNOT play this game by yourself(no CPU tanks). As I have stated earlier though, gameplay is extremely easy to learn. Your girlfriend, you buddy who doesn't play anything but Madden, your cat, anyone can pick it up in about 5 matches or so. Getting the techniques down, that takes time....

Did you know?

A while after PowerSlave was released, Paul Lange posted the first known rumor of Death Tank to our very own RGVS. Here it is:

Has anyone heard about easter eggs in Powerslave? I heard a rumor that a bonus game is hidden in it if you find all the secret stuff. Post a message if you've heard anything.

to which, a member of UK Resistance replied:

Paul R. Lange (paul_lange@msn.com) wrote:
: Has anyone heard about easter eggs in Powerslave? I heard a rumor that a
: bonus game is hidden in it if you find all the secret stuff. Post a message
: if you've heard anything.

Well If you work for Lobotomy then surely you know that already;)
The Bonus game is Death Tank. A 3D multiplayer thing.

UK:resistance Saturn site

Q: How the hell do I manage to get a copy of PowerSlave, Duke Nukem 3D or Quake for the Sega Saturn!?

A: Well, that's the problem....unless you are extremely lucky, or wealthy you really don't. You see, PowerSlave wasn't really put into a high production run for the Sega Saturn(though, the PSX version of PowerSlave is easily found at most GameStops, get one NOW!), so unless you got it when it was initially released it's going to be VERY hard to come by. Hell, I bought mine the DAY it came out and it was still difficult to find a store that had it, or more than one copy of it. As for Duke Nukem 3D and Quake, you have a little more chance of finding one as Sega produced a decent number of copies for each title. The problem soon arises when you do finally find a copy: Most fuckers know what it's worth and will rape you on the price. Unless you are extremely hardcore, or wealthy, I wouldn't even think of trying ebay....

Q: The Playstation version, Lobotomy screwed them out of Death Tank?

A: No, PSX PowerSlave had an amazingly short deadline imposed on it(PIE, I suppose). Redesigning the levels to fit in the PSX's meager ram, as well as re-coding the entire game(you see, unlike the fucks a Probe Software, Lobotomy doesn't simply port code over so they can get a game out the door in the shortest possible time) left them with little time to apply extras like Death Tank. It's like Dominick Meissner said, "You never finish a game, they just take it away from you..."

Don't be too upset though, had PowerSlave 2 of come out the gods at Lobotomy had said that if you had finished the game with all 23 dolls you would start out in PS2 with a special weapon or piece of equipment.