Old School Sega Gaming Links
Below you will find an ever-growing list of fan-based classic Sega gaming sites. Each, in its own right, is damn good. Give them all a try, you'll like it, trust me!

Game Pilgrimage
A great page for gaming comparisons, lists and Sega console history

Fors Yard

Exactly what it says it is...and amazingly good at it!
A virtual walkthrough of Sega's glorious trek through the 16-bit era. Not only entertaining, but this folks, is important work...that needs to be seen.


A site covering all aspects of anything that is Sega; has a pretty hip forum too. Be sure to check out The Vault for a fabulous collection of Sega related multimedia files.

Sega Xtreme
Are you a jukebox hero? Fucking just go and visit this site...no desc. necessary...it rocks, and that's enough.

Goodcow Films
Contains a HUGE archive of Sega information. Ads, commercials, previews, reviews, you name it...he's got it. An absolutely bad-ass reference source for anything Sega!

Though officially not being worked on for over a year, this site still houses the most hardcore, non-stop Sega info for ANYTHING you can imagine. A wealth of information that will blow you back.

Eidolon's Inn
A nice site with lot of info on various Sega related issues and a LOT of links to other sites.

Video Game Music Archive
An amazingly cool site that houses midi versions of all of your favorite gaming music pieces. Check it out!!!

Genesis Collective
An actual online database of Genesis games, complete with box art, screen shots, Game Genie codes and much, much more. An offline version of the database can be downloaded off the site and viewed if you are on a Windows PC. No Mac version, unfortunately...

Sega CD Universe
A Sega CD only site with reviews, tips, music screenshots, Sega CD history and more!

Video Game Hunter's Oasis
Though not strictly Sega, be sure to check out RGVS' own Andrew Kreig's Sega sections for complete lists of every Sega game ever release as well as manufacturer numbers, game info and more!

UK Games Video Misc Magazine
An ultra-hip online magazine covering a little bit of everything going on in the world of videogaming. Though not strictly Sega based, this should be seen! RGVS member, Tim Miller is the Dep. Editor!

Steven Lashower's Homepage
A programmer for various Sega titles, talks candidly about them and reveals some interesting facts. A great read, with info direct from the source.

Still the largest collection of Genesis/Sega CD/32X tips, tricks and FAQS *ever* made! Excellent resource when you need help.

The Video Game Museum
A HUGE collection of Sega game pics, box art, endings and almost anything else you could ever dream of. Highly recommended!

GSHI & GS Central
Both sites feature a huge selection of Game Genie codes! Everything from the original codes in Galoob's book, to new codes created by users. There are even forums to discuss GG code development, or request a code.

Zany Video Game Quotes
A hilarious site hitting each and ever game you could ever imagine with questionable dialog. A great way to spend a boring afternoon at work or home...

System Shock
Though, as you can see, it's pretty much dead, it's still a great site for its lists of changes made to game when they are brought over to America. Very hip, check it out while it's still up!

Mike Gordon's Web Space
A great site for hardcore, technical stuff. Mike rocks at about anything you could ever dream of doing to your SMS, Genesis or Sega CD. Be sure to join him, and myself in Alt.Sega.Genesis sometime.

The Sega 16-Bit Webpage
A website by ASG's own Dandy2000. A whole bunch of Genesis and Sega CD mini-reviews as well as box scans and much more! Check it out!

The Video Game Critic
An amazing source for quick reviews and screenshots. I LOVE this site. Another amazingly cool feature is the "Check ebay for "X" game" link they have for EVERY game. This is time well spent folks, check it out.

Online Consoles: Dreamcast
A great list of what's still playable online for the DC. Lots of info including whether or not the game will work with the BBA, etc. A great resource if you're still into the DC online gaming scene. Also offers saved games and downloadable content!

Online Consoles
Another great site for what's still playable online for the DC. This one even has content downloads, and a version of the site built just for DC! Utra-hip!!

An excellent database of every Mega CD game ever released. Nice cover scans as well a great selection of screenshots and brief desc. info.

Videogames 101
A great site for some really quick reviews, overviews, tips/tricks and other stuff on Sega systems and games.

A pretty wild site covering system and game hacks/knockoffs of Sega stuff. Some of the hacked games are pretty cool looking...but I'm sure they suck ass to play...

Replacement Docs
A great site with Genesis and Dreamcast manuals in PDF form. A good way to get some extra info on those used games you've picked up that didn't come with a manual.

The 32X Memorial
An excellent site for *anything* 32X. Reviews, history, prototype lists, etc. You name, he's got it...and it rocks!

The SMS Information Station
A very hip site and great resource for quick reviews on SMS games and peripherals!

Fantasy Anime
A really great site with some excellent info, downloads, pics, music, etc. on Sega's Phantasy Star series as well as an entire section devoted entirely to Sega CD RPG's! Check it out!

An awesome page with over a *thousand* videogame commercials! Great stuff from every console, including Sega Master System, Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast! DO NOT miss this one!

Audio Atrocities
A great site that chronicles the worst in gaming audio(generally voice acting). Lots of hilarious samples, enough to keep you busy on those slow-ass Monday mornings...

Vimm's Lair
Just as the tag line says, they're preserving the classics...in the form of scanned manuals. Their selection of manuals for the various Sega systems is unmatched! Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Galbadia Hotel
Fucking great resource for those ultra-expensive and near-impossible to find soundtracks that online retailers love jacking you on. They have a huge collection of high quality CD rips and even emulated collections of music. If you're into videogame music, this is *the* place to go.

Project 2612
A great site for Genesis music dumps! Though they are in dumped to .vgz files, using a variety of different applications you can convert them to any format you'd like. In terms of Genesis game music, you'd be hard pressed to find a larger collection than this.

Blue Laguna
A huge collection of various media from virtually any popular RPG you can think of. Great, great stuff! Be sure to drop by!

One of the most incredibly in-depth Sega sites out there. Contains analysis', reviews, interviews and just about anything else you could imagine. Awesome, simply awesome.

Welcome to the Rash
A very cool site that houses a HUGE tribute section to the Road Rash series: Pics, music, comparative descriptions and much more! Very entertaining, and very informative. Also features music and some very interesting beta info for other titles. Always a wild trip!

Run by RGVS' own "Kikko", RVGFANATIC is an amazing journey that takes you anywhere from the depths of obscure Super Famicom titles to non-stop scans and info from Sega Saturn magazines and even some quick reviews on Super NES games. A very good read, and a very hip site!

FMV World
A very cool site that has archived information on virtually every FMV-based video game out there. Also, they've got this hip video player that shows clips from the various titles, anything from intros to outtakes and more! A very nostalgic read for those who were in the gaming scene when the "magic" of CD-Rom first hit.

Video Game Memories
Exactly what the title suggestions, this site shares memories of various videogaming experiences throughout the years. It's a real trip down memory lane, and an enjoyable one at that.

Caverns of Hope
An wonderful resource for the Ecco fan! Contains game biographies, codes, music downloads and much more!

Man, nothing gets my blood pumping like a potentially great day of shopping(yes, I am aware how that sounds...but...)! Below are a few of my favorite online dealers to get your Sega fix from.

One of the most impressive import gaming powerhouses on the net, offers a huge selection of Saturn and Mega Drive imports, as well as PC Engine, Super Famicom, Neo Geo, Windows and any other Japanese import gaming console you can imagine.

Genki VideoGames
A very nicely done site with a huge selection of Saturn, Dreamcast and obscure consoles like the WonderSwan and the various TurboGrafx flavors.

Sega Saturn CDs
Run by the same people who who do the excellent Japan-Games.com. Excellent, and well organized store front, great cover pics and decent prices: Be sure to check them out!

Good Deal Games
Again, a little bit of everything can be found here as well. GDG even has new, shrink wrapped Genesis games and is currently publishing never before release Sega CD games!

Sega Parts
The only authorized retailer of official Sega hardware and parts. A good place to go if you are missing just one or two pieces from you system.