(a)Mac Classic Gaming Links
Below you will find an ever growing list of fan-based classic Mac gaming sites. Each, in it's own right, is damn good. Give them all a try, you'll like it, trust me!
Also, by clicking here or at the bottom of the list, you can visit the commercial classic Mac gaming sites such as LucasArts, MacPlay, MacSoft, etc.

Macintosh Garden
An amazingly cool site that houses Mac abandonware titles for download. The forum at this place is something to SERIOUSLY look into while you're there as you will discover all sorts of information and links to classic Mac gaming sites you never knew existed. Highly recommended!!! Nicely done and doing an excellent job preserving the classics. Give them a visit, I think you'll like it.

A German fan site dedicated to LucasArts and LucasFilm games. Interesting stuff. Be sure to check out the Downloads section for MP3's and Midi music bits.

Le Grenier du Mac
A French classic Mac gaming site, and more. This site is cool because it has classic abandonware apps for download as well.

Another French site housing Mac abandonware and more. Some really cool effects, and gif animations make this a visually entertaining site.

What is the Apple IIGS?
HARDCORE old school right here! *I* won't even go back this far, but this site will, and does an excellent job of it. Be sure to visit for any and everything you've ever wanted to know about the Apple II, along with downloadable disc images. Quick note: This site pretty much picked up what was left of the Apple IIGS Gaming Memory Fairway.

HyperArchive Macintosh Game Incompatibilities
A truly badass find!!! I ran across this the other day. Basically it's a list of older Mac games that are now rendered "incompatible" with newer systems. Though it's not all entirely accurate(as you can see from my section, I can get a lot of these games to work with my iMac DV SE), it does give you a good idea as to why certain games won't work, and what you can expect when you do try to get them working. I HIGHLY recommend you visit! Also, be sure to check out the InfoMac home page...

Classics for X
An excellent site for compatibility lists for games in X(via Classic mode), emulators, emulation info and much, much more. Made by Mac Gardens' own Apple IIGS User!

Home Page of Gamba
An amazingly informative and helpful site dealing with older Mac OS's and issues. Excellent for those trying to get into the older Mac emulation scene. Check it out!!!

Pure Mac
A great place to get those hard to find patches for older Mac games, and demos as well.

Mac Game Files
Another good place to find patches and demos for those older(and newer) Mac games.

Mac Game Database
A wealth of info on every Mac game ever made. A badass site that you should take a serious look at.

A very hip site with a large index of patches for Mac games, both older and and fairly recent.

Sierra Planet
Far superior to Sierra's own tech support, and has tips and walkthroughs available as well!

Houses a huge list of classic Mac games and their various compatibility issues.

Man, nothing gets my blood pumping like a potentially great day of shopping(yes, I am aware how that sounds...but...)! Below are a few of my favorite online dealers to get your Mac gaming fix from.

Formerly CompuExpert, these guys have a serious selection of Mac games, new and old.

Inside Mac Games Store
The online store section of the fabulous Inside Mac Games site. With or without subscribing to the Mac Games CD, you get some great deals on Mac games!

Some amazingly good deals on older Mac games here!!!

For a list of gaming companies that have released these now classic Mac games, try the commercial links section. Here you can find technical support and faqs straight from the developers to help you out with your Mac classic gaming.