DVD Review FAQ:

Q: What's the difference between the DVD's score and the Movie's score?
A: Good question, and one that gets asked from time to time: This would be a good time to state it for the record. The movie's score is what I felt the piece deserved as a movie only. The DVD's score is based on special features, packaging and overall disc quality. Example: The movie could rock and get a great score, but the DVD it's on may contain little to no special features so it would look something like this: Movie - 95, DVD - 20. Doesn't mean that it's a bad disc, or movie, just that I felt we, the consumer, deserved a bit more.

Q: Sure is a lot of fucking Van Damme in there!
A: Yeah, I know, I'm a pretty big fan of his stuff. Let the slamming start here.

Q: Some of these movies really suck cock!
A: Yeah they do...

Q: Why the constant use of profanity?
A: This is the internet, not the 20th Anniversary of ET; here Spielberg or the fucking MPAA cannot touch or censor us. If you do not like the language, I am sorry for you, and will miss you visiting my page...but things will always continue on in this fashion as long as I am running it.

Q: I notice that all you do are reviews, can you recommend any place to get quality DVD news or buys?
A: Absolutely! At DVD Review.com you can get all the most recent DVD news as well as access to their amazingly nice collection of Hidden Features. As for getting a damn good deal, Deep Discount DVD ROCKS!!!!! Free standard shipping, amazingly good deals on DVD's and constant specials make this THE place to do your DVD shopping.

Q: What are your suggestions for buying DVD's without being raped at retail establishments?
A: Best Buy and Wal-Mart are generally your best bets. Now, the thing is, you have to keep your eyes open. At times Wal-Mart will have something WAY fucking cheaper than Best Buy, but it will be reversed at times. I usually browse the local BlockBuster's, Hollywood Video's, etc. for used discs. Most of the time, you can get some really good deals on DVD's that don't even look like they've ever been touched.

Q: What's the best way to search for Hidden Features?
A: If you have a DVD-Rom, pop the disc in, then run the mouse all over each screen. If there are any special features, when the mouse cursor runs over them they will light up or whatever.

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