A day in the life FAQ:

Q: Most of the pics look to be shot by yourself, at your apt, is this based off your typical day?
A: It is loosely based off a typical day in my life. Actually, the character you play is way more active in the game than I am in real life...

Q: I can find Choose your own Adventure books every now and then, but I have had no luck with The Invaders of Hark of The Badlands of Hark. Help!
A: They are out of print, unfortunately. I acquired Invaders a very long time ago, and just recently acquired Badlands from Barnes and Noble.com. Unless you luck out, they generally go anywhere from $10 to about $35 or so. Well worth the money if you enjoyed this adventure, or any of the old CYOA books.

Q: Alright, I lucked out and got a copy of IoH and BoH but goddamn are they hard! I seriously doubt that the offer in the back of the book to send you the correct path through it is still valid, can you help?
A: As of right now, upon request, I can send you the correct path through IoH, but have yet to complete BoH.

Q: What is this talk of secrets?
A: Well, that would be telling. I will give you this, take a look at my other pages and use what you see in the adventure. Remember, I am true old school, so if you run into something that's pretty new in the adventure, you can bet it's trouble. I HATE CHANGE. Though, if it's something I am really into, it's a good chance there's some sort of secret to it during your adventure.

Q: Goddamn it's slow on the modem!
A: Yeah it is. I am sorry about that, but again, I build for broadband only. Sorry.

Q: I really don't appreciate the slamming and cussing, I can't let my child read this.
A: I am sorry you feel that way. The opinions on this site are mine and mine alone; like most sites on the net though, you are free to leave at any time. It's very simple: I appeal to a very small reader base: The hardcore, old school gamer. Children will not appreciate anything on this site, nor will they stick around long enough to be exposed to anything you would consider questionable.

Q: That damn cat is always messing with you all through the game! What gives!?
A: I ask this every-damn-day myself. He's a little bastard, and an angry one.

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