Sonic, is that you? Hey, there’s Leila from Rolling Thunder 2 and Annette from El Viento! In the faint background you can see R.G.V.S., and it’s filled with relevant posts all geared towards Sega: No crossposting trolls! In front of you is the Dreamcast, and there’s PSO ep. 2 and Shenmue 2….but you thought they had been cancelled due to the DC’s demise caused by stupid Americans blindly running for a PS2 and Madden and overlooking the superior sports titles of Visual Concepts on the DC.

They’re all here, and here for you….you watch as Sonic beckons you to join him for Sonic Adventure 3, and after that you can play Sonic 5 on the Genesis. Wow, below him is Trevor Belmont, he’s asking if you would rather play Castlevania on the 32X with him. You don’t know what to do, they all seem so great…and as of recently, so out of reach.


'the hell was that!?

Check it out
Fuck that, I want to stay here!