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1 item of Sega Rarity
2 items of Sega Notoriety

A closer look reveals...

Sonic Pin

Dreamcast Controller Keychain

Planet Web Shirt
The Sonic Pin was a freebie that came with the "Sonic 3D Blast Bonus Pack" promotion that was going on at Best Buy. A lot of odd things came in that package...some gum, fruit snacks and some sort of drink with fruit stuff floating around in it.
The keychain is, apparently, an import of some sort. I picked it up a this hip, little local videogame store. I have two, a blue one(my backup, still in the packaging) and this one. Too cool!
I received this great shirt from the good folks at Planet Web for letting them use one of my quotes regarding the Netlink/Netlink Browser in one of their advertisements.