The Genesis Cart Storage Project

A bit of a forward...
(if you're not interested in nearly putting yourself to sleep with the following, the gist of it is that I am looking for some very specific storage drawers for my Genesis collection and could use some help)
Years and years and years ago, when I only had around 30 or 40 Genesis games(as hard as that is to believe), I came across these hip Genesis storage units at Wal-Mart. Costing around $20, these slick pieces of cart storage held a respectable 36 games...*along with their manuals*! Again, only owning around 30 to 40 carts at the time I bought just two of these awesome units.

Flash forward more years than I care to remember and I now currently own 490 Sega carts(Genesis, 32X, SMS)...and still just the two units. I had about given up on ever finding anymore of these things when a buddy of mine alerted me that he had seen a guy selling one on a forum somewhere...and then another buddy managed to come up with one in a lot of gaming hardware he had purchased off Craig's List.

This put me up to three units and a decent 108 slots of cart storage. Doing some quick math, or making Moffsoft FreeCalc do some quick math, I found that I would need just fourteen of these units to cover my entire collection! This is actually possible, I could really make this happen if I just had a few more sets of eyes helping me out in the field.

With that said, to anyone who'd be willing to just keep it in the back of their mind, to anyone who'd be willing to shoot me a quick message letting me know they've come across one either in the field or on the net, to anyone who may have one(or a few) and are looking to sell them, to anyone who'd be willing to help with this dream of mine...I'd appreciate it to no end. BTW, yes, I am aware of how very pathetic it is that I consider quality Genesis cart storage to be an actual dream...

Update: I currently have eleven of these storage units now! Only three more to go! To all those who have been helping me out: THANK YOU!!!

Ok, the details you'll need:
* These storage units were made by a company called "A.L.S. Industries", apparently located in Torrence, CA 90504.
* The drawers all have the classic gray pin stripes that early Genesis game cases showed, as well as the official Sega Genesis logo on them.
* Despite being branded by a company in California, these units all have stickers on the bottom stating they were made in Indonesia.
* The drawers will hold exactly 36 carts and will have two slots for manuals. All drawers will have the "A.L.S." logo towards the two slots used for storing manuals.
* The housing of the actual unit will be black and have a wood-like texture on it(it's just particleboard though).
* They are supposed to come with six rubber "legs", but I think it'll be extremely unlikely that any of these units will still have them attached(as they fall out easily). Don't worry about the legs, I can live without them.

All I really ask is that the units are in relatively good shape and contain the drawer that exhibits the gray Genesis pin striping with the official Sega logo present. I can apply some touch-up paint on them, I can glue them back together, I can clean them up and I can find replacement rubber legs for them. If you happen across one of these please don't hesitate to contact me! You can catch me via a Private Message, on AOL Instant Messenger or through my private email via WAG. I am willing to buy them, trade for them, pay for shipping on them, whatever it takes!

Any help with this would be much appreciated!

Some pics:
Front view
Back view
Bottom view
Rubber "legs"

Drawer pulled out

Drawer pulled out and filled

Cart-filled drawer
Manuals vertically for show
A.L.S. logo stamp
Unit standing on rubber legs

My poor Genesis, 32X and Sega Master System carts
Forced to live out their existence in overcrowded cardboard boxes and share space with N64 titles...humiliating. Won't you help these carts find a good home? Call now and for only pennies a day these carts can live out the rest of their lives in luxurious storage units, surrounded by the people who know them best: Their manuals.

A quick video showing off the units I currently have...
(clicking anywhere on the actual video, once it's been started, will take you to the YouTube page for it; there you can watch the video in its "high definition" form, if you'd like)