The Making of Tribute...
September 30, 2002: Day 5

After quite a bit of procrastination, I have decided to try to put a bit more effort into this. Learning from my prior mistake, I have put all of the oversized pics on the canvas first.
Of course, bastard-kitty Baraka is here to make sure I don't get too much done...
First he starts off just observing...
...then goes into using it as a pillow... laying on the WHOLE DAMN CANVAS! BAD CAT!!!!
Ok, well, that's all of the oversized pictures. Expect to see them moved a bit but this is the first step to the new mock up.
October 1, 2002: Day 6

"Yeah, you can shoot me with your little foam balls, but remember: One bite of mine sends your pink ass back to the hospital for another tetanus shot..."
I broke out the Ballzooka, the ONE thing that consistently scares Baraka...apparently it just doesn't seem to work anymore.
Here's what I've got so far, with a few more pics on the canvas.
Still a shitload of pics left. Going to try to work these in later tonight.
Alright, got the last few larger pics on. Now all of the oversized and larger pics are on the canvas. I still have a whole lot of pictures left. Again, this collage will be VERY full.
Days 7 and 8...