Publisher: AgeTec
Developer: SNK
Size: 1 CD
Memory Usage: 1 Block
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)
Got it for: A trade. Thanks again Bluecrab!!

They're back...with the shoot any and all who stand in their way. Seriously I don't really know too much about what's going fact, I don't think there's too much of a story to talk of anyway. As far as I can tell, the General-guy from part one is back again to try to take over the world...thing is, he's not the only one after total domination this time around...

What's it all about?
It's a very lighthearted, slower paced 2D shooter/sidescroller(wow, that's a mouthful). Using one of the four available characters, you'll blast your way through each of the levels while rescuing hostages, collecting new weapons and even riding in a vehicle or two. Building upon the ideas of the first game, here in part two there are now an assortment of different vehicles you can jump in and control. Newer rides like the Camel Slug and Slugnoid join the original Metal Slug in adding quite a bit to your arsenal and the overall gaming experience.

Graphics - Excellent! Though, no doubt, the animation has been severely cut from the almost overly-animated Neo Geo version, it's not *that* bad and you do get used to it pretty quickly. To make up for some of the cuts though, a few graphical enhancements have been added in and really look slick. Stuff like the flame thrower, various explosions and a few other things have been changed up a little and now use a series of really scaled-in, larger graphics giving them a much more chaotic visual effect. It's very cool.
Sound - A LOT more balanced than the overly-loud Neo Geo version. You can now actually hear the announcer telling you which weapon you just acquired, and various other sound effects, that you really couldn't in the Neo version as the music was just so mind-numbingly-blaringly loud.
Control - Rock solid. Just like in the Neo version, your characters move around quickly and react immediately to anything you tell them to do.
AI - Relatively the beginning. For the most part, they go pretty easy on you for about the first 3/4's of the game...but towards the end you can't seem to hit the Start button fast enough to keep up with how many times you'll have to continue do to the constant, cheap pot-shots they'll send your way.
Replay value - High. It never really seems to get old...EVER. Add in a buddy and you could play this one until the CD actually begins to deteriorate.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
If you have a controller with a "turbo" sure and break it out for the extremely long end-boss fight. Past that, there are a few finer points, little tricks, hidden hostages, etc. that can found by messing around or, more easily, reading a good FAQ. As I can't reach the author to ask permission to host it, I'll simply provide you with a link to one of the best MSX FAQ's I've found. Click here to go to GameFAQ's and view Shirow's amazingly well done MSX FAQ.

My rating: 95(out of 100) - A near perfect shooter and a hell of game. It's amazing just how well the PSX handles this all-2D game, with its constant action and huge explosions. With unlimited continues, and even a stage select for stages you've already finished, not to mention the the Combat School and "Another Mission" modes, this is one that will never die...and you'll love every second of it.
Rumi says: Jeez this backpack is's almost a relief when they pump ammo into it, making half the shit I've got in there fall out. Um, as for the know, I liked the way I looked and moved in the Neo Geo version a lot more...I seem kinda stiff in this one...
Screenshots were taken via Connectix Virtual Game Station for the Mac, they are then resized and sharpened to more accurately reflect the graphics. Note: VGS throws a filter over PSX graphics, much like the PS2's "PS1 mode". As this will make them look better than they normally would on a conventional setup, sharpening the pictures brings them back to a more realistic view of what they really look like. For an example and comparison, click here.

God bless the Enemy Chaser gun...
Metal Slug and Slug Flyer: The ultimate team!
Notice the flames...that's part of the new special effects used in the PSX versions.
Chatty Slug?:
Apparently, if you hit the Square button during the Combat School Menu load, you can actually talk to the instructor, Meg. Depending on your actual ranking, she'll tell you more and more about herself...

As there was just too many good pics from the Art Gallery to cram into this review, I figured I'd make a quick gallery(ala The Space Adventure{Sega CD} review). Enjoy...