Contributed review by Drkstlkr7

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Naughty Dog
Size: 1 CD
Memory Usage: 1 Block
No. of players: 1
Got it for: ’97..11 years ago

The evil Dr. Neo Cortex wants to save the world(!?) and he needs twenty five powerful crystals to do it. As Crash Bandicoot, you’ve been recruited by the doctor to find them. The good doctor may have other things on his mind though, as his one-time partner in crime N. Brio also asks that you collect the gems, but this time to destroy Dr. Cortex.

What's it all about?
It’s an amazing 3D platformer that easily stands the test of time. Take control of everyone’s favorite retarded marsupial as you traverse many worlds for the crystals and to kick the crap out of Dr. Cortex and his crazy minions. You’ll also have to run away from boulders n’ bears (Boulders n’ Bears sounds like a great title for an old-school arcade game) and ride on top of small baby cub through levels as fast as you can. That sounded a little dirty..

Graphics - The game looks great, even today. The character models are all animated nicely; I could sit and watch the game all day as if it were a cartoon. While the levels are actually closed in, their so beautifully detailed that you don’t even notice.
Sound - All of the music is very good, and memorable to me. The sound effects are all clear and distinct, and the voices, while few, are excellent. Dr. Cortex's voice acting is awesome and Crash’s “WOA!”, when he dies, is priceless.
Control - Smooth, with the option for both digital and analog control; at some points though, one scheme is better than the other. When on bridges and other narrow architecture, use the digital pad for safety(I’ve had some pretty ugly deaths using the analog stick at the Ruination level). Button commands are executed flawlessly.
AI - Truthfully, I don’t think there is any AI. All of the enemies go along set paths and patterns, and bosses will usually just chase you around. The difficulty of this game comes from the level layout, which can get you if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Replay value - Moderate. The game is easy once you know all of the levels, but it’s also so much fun that you’ll come back to it anyway. That’s the mark of a true classic.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
In the third world, make sure to stomp on that little bear that you’ll find for many, many lives, and then keep stomping on it for shits and giggles. Also, you may have to settle for just getting all of the crystals at first as the gems are damn hard to get. To acquire a gem, you’ll need to smash all of the boxes in the level or complete the harder, secret routes.

My rating: 92(out of 100) - This is one of the best platformers I’ve ever played. Even though there’s no challenge in the game for me anymore, it’s still just so much fun to go back and play. I recommend it to all those who have a Playstation as it’s a prime example of how a real Crash game should be.

Crash’s thoughts:
This adventure was one of my favorites, even though those nitro boxes hurt a lot. I give it 100 Wumpa Fruit out of 100. Mmm, I’m hungry again.

Tasmanian Bandicoot!
Good thing he doesn't have a tail.
If everybody had a jet-propelled surf board..
No shirt, no skates? No problem for Crash.
Roo so CRAZY:
One of my favorite video game villains of all time is Ripper Roo. He's so psychotic, he tricks himself into believing he's a university professor until he blows himself up with TNT and later, in Crash Team Racing, he drives with his feet! Then there's also the laugh..